Dealing with Life events…tradgedies…and pressure

               As we walk our Journey through life, it won’t always be easy, nor will we go through smoothly without a scrape.  Sometimes in life we deal with Life Events, some small and some drastic. We will also be part of tradgedies, which will detour us along our path. We will also go through some times where the pressure just seems so great, that we lose site and become lost within ourselves, while wandering aimlessly with no direction.

               The Human Brain, Mind and the subConcious are so complex, that even the smartest of scientists can’t truely figure it out. Humans are one of many creatures that walk this Planet and are also the smartest, most complex of them all. We are so complex that we don’t even know truely how to fix ourselves when we break down. Yes we have theories, some Doctor’s say they have the answers, but deep inside the Human Brain is so complex, we may never truely figure it out.

               When we deal with our life events, tradgedies, or pressures of life. We do so very different of each other, some quicker while other’s get stuck and left behind, plus it all depends on the severity of the situation. Just look at all our law enforcement, doctor’s, fireman, military personal, they all see alot of trama’s and tradgedies throughout their careers. One would wonder how they deal with their pressures? We all compartmentalize things in our life very differently, in other words file it away in the files of our Brains, like a secratary filing away the daily files in the office. Some may suppress things so they won’t remember anything, other’s just turn the page and keep moving like nothing ever happened, but it still gets filed into the Brain, until it gets addressed, whether we do it now, or one day it comes back to haunt us, til we do address it.

                 When things happen to us, we try to turn to other things to try to hide our situations, like drinking or drug abuse, this only compounds the situation and makes it harder to fix. The Human Brain is so complex, we don’t really know how it works, all we can try to do is understand it, so as these situations happen to us, we then can tackle them before they become so difficult ,that they overwhelm us.

                  Life to us as we walk our Journies, will always be full of these situations, we just have to learn to understand them, understand better of our bodies and how our Brain, mind, sub-concious work, so we can fix ourselves, and not let the pain and suffering control who we really are, or even make us something or someone in which we are not. God sent his only son here to show us, that temptation will try to control us and things happen beyond our control, but with true faith in him and in ourselves, we can do anything, maybe it’s time we look back, learn and move forward, with strength so our futures will be filled with happiness and love.


We make choices everyday in our lives

               Our lives are made up of choices we make, everyday we walk our journies.

                When we wake up in the morning, it is a choice to get out of bed, or sleep in, when we go to the store to buy a product and with all the different products out there, we make a choice on which one we will buy, when we go on a trip, we make a choice as to which route we will take, as we finish our job for the day and leave for home, we then make a choice to stop at a bar, for a drink, then depending on the day we had, we then make a choice to continue drinking, as we become intoxicated, we then make a choice to get in our car’s and drive home, whether we remember this choice, goes without saying, but none the less we make that choice, everything we do is a choice, whether bad or good, they are choices we have to live with.

          Walking our journies and living our lives, is all about the choices we make everyday, some being simple and easy, while other’s being difficult and hard, We all have to be smarter in our choices, so when we make the tough ones and find we become lost, because of the bad choices, we have to fix what is wrong before they change us as individuals, into something or someone in which we are not,   we need to understand that choices are a part of us as Humans, if we make smarter and well informed choices, without getting lost with the bad choices we make, not only will our journey we walk be smoother, but will make others around us and their journies be smoother.

           We are all Individuals, we all walk our journies of life on the same planet Earth, we are all unique in our own way, one way we are different is, the way we make our choices and handle the actions of our choices, but when we are smarter in the choices we make and realize that alot of our choices, not only affect us as Individuals, but also affect those around us and those around them, which then spreads throughout Society, Society is built out of Individuals and what they bring to it, a Society is not a Society without the Individuals within it, so together we make up a Society, kind of like a proffessional hockey team, it takes a team to win a championship, when we make smarter choices an know how to fix the bad choices before it’s too late , we as Individuals can build a winning Society, that can conquer our journies, so we all can truely be who we are, better, stronger and with happiness, as we share love of one another and not be against each other with hatred, which only makes our Society a loser in the long run, choices are a big part of who we are, they don’t have to define us and makes us something, or someone we are not.

           “Bad choices will turn us into something or someone we are not, smarter choices will keep us who we are”


The Olympic Zone

               The Olympics from the very first one in Grecko-Roman time, was always about the competition and the “thrill of victory, with an agony of defeat”.

                It’s the media that changed the true meaning of what the Olympics truely mean, with their political spins and their hounding of the athletes, just to get a scoop, asking them dumb questions, then putting their own spin on their words, all this does is create drama, in a Society that has way too much drama than it can handle now.

                When an Athlete competes in he Olympics, he/she is truely competing against the world, as each country has smaller competitions to put forth their best Athletes, in the hopes of bringing gold to their Country, against Athletes of other countries, the Olympics was an event, that had great respect from all the countries that sent athletes to compete and also the people of the countries that watched, while cheering on their Athletes. now with the media involvment creating controversy, bringing political views to the table, also brings corruption like judges that are bias, the Athletes can’t focus on what they do best and that is, quite simply “compete”.

                  In the old school Olympics, even the “agony of defeat” was done with a smile, cause the Athletes knew they tried their ultimite best and left everything on the field, now a days with the media being there, as soon as an event is finished, the Athletes have camera’s and mic’s shoved in their faces, I say let the Athletes compete and truely experience what the olympics are, freindly competion, that even in the face of defeat, you can smile and shake the hands of the winner, knowing you did your best and got beat fair and square, when the rest of the world and Society see this, it will only bring out the good, while leaving the bad and all the political crap in the dust, with the Professional Athlete’s competing and not the Amateur athlete? well that is for another blog.


it’s not the fall, it’s how to get back up

                       “In life as we walk our journies we will fall down, it is not how we fall, but how we pick ourselves up and move on along our journey”.

                       The fall can range from anything we are experiencing, sometimes it will be a trip or a hiccup, to a more severe fall that hurts us deeply, we all experience life events, sometimes these events turn us into something in which we are not, because the fall from these events have helped do this, alot of times we get up from the fall and just try to move forward and bury the shame of the event, to keep us from further harm, which proves that the way we get up, is much more important than the fall.

                      Sometimes when we fall, we get up brusch ourselves off and continue like nothing happened, this can send mixed signals to our brain, that does nothing but hide the pain and over time as we fall each time, will make us numb to all pain, so instead of getting up and checking to make sure we are truely ok, we get up and continue like nothing happened.

                      We are Humans, but we all try to hide what’s inside us, by making up what’s on the outside, we may have a little scar on the outside, but what we tend to forget is, the scar on the inside is much deeper and bigger and takes a little more than a brusch up to fix.

                       We may fall many times as we walk our journey of life, thats ok if we get up correctly and move forward with strength, if we do it correctly, then no matter what kind of bumps we encounter along our journey, then life itself will reward us with good, happiness and love.


The Choices along our Journey

                       As we walk our Journey in our lives, we come across and make so many choices, somtimes these choices are mild, some may be extreme that will change who we really are, yet some may even make us better and stronger, as we walk our journey.

                       Choices are a part of all our lives on a daily basis, one we take for granted is the choice to get out of bed and start a new day, some choices are not quite that simple, as when we make them they can bring great pain and suffering as well, we have all made our share of bad choices, choices in which has made us sin, in the eyes of God, we have all sinned in some way, shape, or form, in the eyes of God, one choice that we over look, cause it’s right in front of us is, the choice to pray and except God into our lives, as no matter what bad choices we have made on our journey, God always forgives us, all we need to do is forgive ourselves, except God into our lives as we walk our journey, so we can forgive others.

                        Choices are part of us being Human, there has been many choices made throughout Mankind, it is one way God gave us to make ourselves better and stronger, as we walk our journey and also a way for us to share with other’s as they to walk their journies, God gave us this gift of making choices, so we can learn from the bad ones, to make better choices moving forward, choices don’t have to define us, as they can help us be better, so our journies will be smoother, all we need to do is have faith in God and ourselves, so we can forgive ourselves, as God forgives us all.


glory knows not what we do

 Tho, glory knows not what we do,

 glory knows not what we think,

 glory knows not how we feel,

 glory really has no function or link,

 glory cares not of how we deal,

 tho, glory exsists in us differently we really have no clue.






To some of us we truely believe in the Lord God,

 still alot of us don’t share in this belief as we are skeptical,

 glory comes from our true belief in the Lord God in strength,

 tho, glory is a feeling that comes from our belief while being tactical,

 tho, glory knows not of our journey it knows we believe with every breath.

tho, glory comes from our belief in God he knows this and gives us a nod.



The pride of our culture, will stop us from really spreading our wings

                               As we grow into Society, we are taught many different things, from many area’s and from everywhere we turn, but if we simply ignore what is around us and not learn what we truely need to learn, we than go through life just making up our own definition of everything around us, whether it is the right one or not.

                               Our pride and our ego are very powerful feelings inside each of us, these feelings can control us from within, even without us even knowing, when they take control of us, they will turn us into something in which we are not, we will ignore those around us, as we think that what we know is the right way and there’s no other way.

                                Pride and Ego will stop us from living our lives as we want, they will keep us from letting the real true self’s shine through, as we then put forth a fake self, so we then just become to exsist in the Society in which we live, when we don’t have the answer for something, our pride keeps us from obtaining the right answer, then our Ego will step in and allow ourselves to come up with an answer that really has nothing to do with the solution

                                 Pride and Ego are part of us, there is nothing we can do to have them removed from within us, but what we can do is truely learn of them and the effect that these feelings has on us, so we then can learn to control them, instead of letting them control us, when we let them control us and become something in which we are not, then one day we truely wake up and look around us, to find that there is no one around us, that is really true to us, it is like living one big lie, than having the truth give us one big slap in the face, yes it’s going to hurt, but it is a hurt we can live with, if it means we then learn to control the feelings of pride and ego, so we can move forward in happiness, which will make us stronger as we walk our journey, the rest of our lives.

                          The Human body with all of it’s components, is the most complex thing we will ever see in our lifetime, when it comes to the human brain, mind, soul and sub conscious, it gets even more complex, more so then understanding how a computer works, or what ever technology we come up with next, when each of us go through a life event, we all handle them differently, some may quickly get over it, yet other’s take a long time, before they get over it, not to mention all the physical and mental changes we all go through, yes each of us do go through changes, whether we like it or not, but when we truely understand the why’s of these changes, it will help us learn to control our pride and ego and all our other feelings we have, when God created us to walk our journies of life, he wanted us to be equal and the same, but unique in our own way, so each path we take, we can learn different things along the way, as we fill our brain and minds with knowledge, this will help us with what he has in store for us, later in our journey.