Nothing is ever what it seems, as we walk our journey

                       Just as in Society’s previous and Society’s to come, the Society we live today, will constantly change as the people inside it change and evolve in time, as they to walk their journies, of their lives.

                       We all walk our journies, some take different paths, or even just follow a path that is already laid out, but what we all tend to forget, or just simply don’t want to remember is, we all have life events happen to us, now these events can be simple and easily fixed, but the majority just are to painful and force us to suppress and try to bury our true self’s, just to coincide in a society, that has no empathy for one another, when we do this, all we are really doing is, simply exsisting and hiding in plain sight, as to not show other’s we re hurting inside, so they won’t think we are weak.

                         In order for all of us to walk our journies,in happiness and show our love of one another with true empathy, we need to be true to ourselves, reach down deep inside, take all the previous hurt, fix it, so we all can walk our journies with confidence, happiness and while showing our love of ourselves and all those around us, when we do this, we will see a Society change for the better, with empathy of each other, instead of where we are in a Society of “all about me”, showing a me first mentality, which shows nothing but hatred.

                          We always in this Society look around and see what we want to see, instead of looking around and really seeing what is truely there, then we see the tough stuff, we immediatly see the worst, instead of looking deeply and seeing the reality, with true empathy we will become more careing, so instead seeing the worst, we will see the potential of the situation and help each other, to become stronger and better, which will make all of Society stronger and better.


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