Failure is something we neglect

                              Failure, as much as we don’t want to admit it, will happen to all of us at some pont in our lives, as we walk our journey of life, failure will control us if we let it, it is also a very strong word, that brings with it very strong feelings that will if we let it, will define our presence here on Earth.

                               We don’t want to admit to our failures, as we “think” this will show others that we are weak and the way we haqve learned to grow, we avoid showing weakness, so other’s will look at us as being strong, with no tweaks in our armor.

                              Somtimes as we grow and walk our journies, there are things that happen to us, in which we have no idea of, so we then suppress these things, so we can look normal to others,all the while we hurt deep inside, we just don’t acknowledge it, we then later in life, go through a wide variety of feelings, none bigger than the feeling of failure, this failure can come in many different facets of our lives, what we need to do is, not feel sorry for ourselves as to make our situation worse, but seek help, because those who seek help, are stronger than those who do not or, those who don’t acknowledge it.

                              God allows us to fail on our own, so we can learn from our failures, fix what is wrong and when we do, we become stronger and better, as we walk further on our journies, sometimes we may think we are all alone with our failures, but God is right there with us and testing us for what is to come, he always has a plan for us, for he is the one that created us and this planet, which is something we tend to forget.

                              We all fail at some point in our lives, we just have to except it, fix it, live it and learn from it, so we can be stronger and happier, as we move along our journey, while we have complete faith in our Lord God, that his plans for us, will be that of, happiness and love, as we walk our journies and beyond.


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