Church and State

                      The difference between Church and State, has changed us drastically over time, which has created this political correction society we are in today, cause it is what we now know as “offending” each other.

                       When we speak of Religion, we are suppose to do so in private cause it is personal, we look at religion today as a belief and not what we should be looking at it for, which is  fact. We also have our own beliefs, that when other’s don’t share our beliefs, then we look at them as “offending” us, we also tend to think that what we believe and what we know, is the only way, which proves the society we have become and that is an ” all about me” society.

                        When we research how the individual states, of the United States got their shapes, you will find that they were created with religion at the base and would explain why, religion has become so personal in today’s society. every State was shaped for a reason, just research back to civil war and pre civil war times to see the facts, for instance the time zones in this country were created by the building of the train lines, so they could keep a schedule, as they traveled across the country.

                         Religion in our lives is suppose to bring us together, to work together, so we can be stronger and better as each generation grows, this is God’s vision for us and is what we have got away from, when God created us and this planet, he did so, with the intent of creating a loving society, instead in this society we have done a complete 180 degree turn of his vision, which does nothing but create hate of each other, to truely fix this situation, we need to find the true meaning of the word “Empathy” and live it everyday of our lives today, this will take alot of work on all of our parts and in a society of all about me, may seem very hard and unreal, but if we focus, open our minds and willing to except change, soon the hard work will become easier over time.


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