having direction in life and beyond

                      We in this Society have become so dependant on technology, that we have foregotton what it was like for our Anchestors before us.

                       Every car comes with a GPS now a days, where you type in your destination, push a button and off you go, ask someone to read a map and suddenly they become lost? When Jesus was born the three Kings came from very far distance and did it by following a star, with no map, or even a GPS, not only did they follow the star, they also looked at the moon to determine what time of day it is, the Society of today complains all the time that they have it hard? With all the technology we have, our lives are actually easier then all the Societies before us, it is us the people of this Society, that make our own lives hard, by our actions as Individuals and bring them to the Society.

                        From building a house to cooking a hamburger, there are so many regulations we have to follow, that houses of today are poorly built and many people become sicker, then our Anchestor’s were when they cooked their daily kill, so they could eat for the day, if you see the direction I am going in, you will see that we are using technology, in a way that it makes our lives difficult, instead of what it is suppose to do and that is easier, when I lived in Colorado, I had a 4×4 truck, went in the back country quite often and saw first hand, of how our Anchestor’s built their houses and yes they were still standing and very sturdy, they built things to last and had no regulations to follow, lesson learned that today without direction, we can’t do anything like that.

                         As we people have evolved over time, from the rough and tough times, to the easy living technology times, it is us the people that are the problem, as we go through life aimlessly, without a desperation of doing what we have to, just to survive, or even not communicating properly with each other, when times get tough, cause we are to proud to show any weakness we have, instead we bury our problems, as to not show to other’s that we are weak, but what we forget is, those that ask for help, are actually the strong ones and the ones that don’t are the weak ones.

                         The direction we the people have evolved into is, the direction of no Empathy of each other, if we had this Empathy, there would be no more shootings of each other, cause we would all actually care of each other and when we do this, we would actually look out for one another and when one is getting a little “emotional distraught”, we would see the signs, step in and help that Individual, instead of letting them spin out of control, we the people have done this to ourselves and it is we the people, that can fix this problem we are in, we just have to have Empathy and willing to work that much harder to fix ourselves and when we do, then Society will follow, so we all can walk our Journies in peace, harmony and happiness, wherever we go.


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