Hiking Mount Washington in New Hampshire

To some just hiking in genral is out of the question, for various reasons like maybe it’s too much work, or maybe just afraid of the unknown? For me, I do it because it is fun, the views from the top are awesome and with each trip the view is different, depending on the situation or the weather, being outside with nature and seeing it’s beauty sometimes can take your breathe away, or even help you think clearly when times are tough and you can’t focus good enough to fix our daily problems, it’s kind of like an outlet to re-focus, relax the mind, body and soul, so I can come back to the real world and be better and stronger moving forward on my journey called life.

Mount Washington is nestled within the White Mountains of New Hampshire, it stands at 6,288 feet and is known as the “Worlds worst weather”, when hiking this mountain you have to be prepared for anything, you just can’t go up the trail in sandals, shorts and a t-shirt, as even in the summer it can snow and become very dangerous as you reach the summit, as you start your trek at the bottom of the mountain, it can be sunny and 80 degrees, but as you climb and get above the trees, the weather can change in the blink of an eye, not to mention what you may encounter along the trail? Maybe a bear, or a moose? No need to be scared of hiking this awesome mountain, just be prepared for anything you may encounter.

Hiking Mount Washington is the most beautiful thing you can do, just to see what nature holds and what beauty God has created for us to enjoy, in life sometimes we go around with blinders on and don’t appreciate what is around us, when times are tough, we don’t find that outlet in order to re-focus, fix our troubles, so we can move on stronger and better then we were before, hiking is a good outlet, it doesn’t have to be Mount Washington, it can be a smaller mountain, just something where we can go, to re-focus, relax and be outside with nature, to think, clear our minds of all the daily crap, that builds up and eats us away, to the point where we become sick, or even become something or someone we are not, being outside with nature and seeing it’s beauty is the best therepy we can get and it’s free, it is there stareing us in the face, but we do not see it, cause again we have those blinders on and only see what we want to see.

There are many ways to hike up mount Washington, no matter what way you go, you will see the true beauty of that Mountain, I like the trail called the Boot Spur, it may be longer to the summit, but it gives me more time with nature and to see it’s beauty, which helps me clear my mind, body and soul of all the daily crap, plus as an added bonus, if it’s a clear sunny day, the views are breathe taking and very much worth the time, when you do reach the summit, you will see the van shuttle bringing up tourists along the auto road of the mountain, yes you can have someone bring you up the auto road in a shuttle? Although it is not a way I recommend, as to experience the true beauty of the mountain, you have to hike it, not to mention the huge feeling of accomplishment, as for some we don’t have enough of in this world of technology and easy living, we live today, it is accomplishments like this, that makes us feel good about ourselves, so we don’t dwell in our sorrows and failures of yesterday, which keeps us from moving forward, to be better and stronger as we walk our journies.

Mount Washington is truely a beautiful work of art, that God our father has created for us, it is also a place to go that we can be closer to him as we feel we need to? God created this Mountain and other places like this for all of us, to enjoy and use as we see fit, as long as we don’t abuse it, or dirty it, so others that follow, will also get to experience the beauty it holds, sometimes in this what we call a “rat race” of life, we don’t take the time to see what is in front of us, or even take much needed time for ourselves, which is hugely important to keep us truely healthy, it is when we are truely healthy, that we are at our happiest,while spreading love and empathy to those around us, which then spreads to Society around this planet of Earth, instead of the unhealthyness, which does nothing but spread sadness and hatred, it is time we all get back to nature, take a hike, it does not have to be something like mount Washington, it can be smaller, or even a nature trail through the woods? just as long we are seeing something different, so we can clear our mind, body and soul and taking time for ourselves, to re-focus as we move along our journey of life.

Hiking Mount Washington is a journey not all of us will encounter, but it is a journey that will help us see different parts of nature and a journey you can take, that each time you take it, you will see something different each and every time, no matter how many times you climb this beautiful mountain, God simply out did himself when he created this mountain, no matter what the season is when you trek this mountain and no matter how hard you feel this mountain is, it is definitly a journey well worth the trip, along our journey of life as we walk this God created Earth,so what are you waiting for? get out there, find a trail, see new things, clear your mind, body and soul, so we all can live in true happiness, while spreading true love and empathy towards each other, without all the daily crap weighing us down and making us something we are not, life may seem long, but in reality it is too short and not worth walking our journey of life, without really experiencing the true beauty that we are meant to experience, so let’s throw away the blinders and let’s experience what God created for us, with open minds and open eyes and take the weight of all the crap off our shoulders and bury it forever, so we can be happy, while spreading love and empathy towards each other.

Nothing is ever what it seems, as we walk our journey

                       Just as in Society’s previous and Society’s to come, the Society we live today, will constantly change as the people inside it change and evolve in time, as they to walk their journies, of their lives.

                       We all walk our journies, some take different paths, or even just follow a path that is already laid out, but what we all tend to forget, or just simply don’t want to remember is, we all have life events happen to us, now these events can be simple and easily fixed, but the majority just are to painful and force us to suppress and try to bury our true self’s, just to coincide in a society, that has no empathy for one another, when we do this, all we are really doing is, simply exsisting and hiding in plain sight, as to not show other’s we re hurting inside, so they won’t think we are weak.

                         In order for all of us to walk our journies,in happiness and show our love of one another with true empathy, we need to be true to ourselves, reach down deep inside, take all the previous hurt, fix it, so we all can walk our journies with confidence, happiness and while showing our love of ourselves and all those around us, when we do this, we will see a Society change for the better, with empathy of each other, instead of where we are in a Society of “all about me”, showing a me first mentality, which shows nothing but hatred.

                          We always in this Society look around and see what we want to see, instead of looking around and really seeing what is truely there, then we see the tough stuff, we immediatly see the worst, instead of looking deeply and seeing the reality, with true empathy we will become more careing, so instead seeing the worst, we will see the potential of the situation and help each other, to become stronger and better, which will make all of Society stronger and better.


Failure is something we neglect

                              Failure, as much as we don’t want to admit it, will happen to all of us at some pont in our lives, as we walk our journey of life, failure will control us if we let it, it is also a very strong word, that brings with it very strong feelings that will if we let it, will define our presence here on Earth.

                               We don’t want to admit to our failures, as we “think” this will show others that we are weak and the way we haqve learned to grow, we avoid showing weakness, so other’s will look at us as being strong, with no tweaks in our armor.

                              Somtimes as we grow and walk our journies, there are things that happen to us, in which we have no idea of, so we then suppress these things, so we can look normal to others,all the while we hurt deep inside, we just don’t acknowledge it, we then later in life, go through a wide variety of feelings, none bigger than the feeling of failure, this failure can come in many different facets of our lives, what we need to do is, not feel sorry for ourselves as to make our situation worse, but seek help, because those who seek help, are stronger than those who do not or, those who don’t acknowledge it.

                              God allows us to fail on our own, so we can learn from our failures, fix what is wrong and when we do, we become stronger and better, as we walk further on our journies, sometimes we may think we are all alone with our failures, but God is right there with us and testing us for what is to come, he always has a plan for us, for he is the one that created us and this planet, which is something we tend to forget.

                              We all fail at some point in our lives, we just have to except it, fix it, live it and learn from it, so we can be stronger and happier, as we move along our journey, while we have complete faith in our Lord God, that his plans for us, will be that of, happiness and love, as we walk our journies and beyond.


Church and State

                      The difference between Church and State, has changed us drastically over time, which has created this political correction society we are in today, cause it is what we now know as “offending” each other.

                       When we speak of Religion, we are suppose to do so in private cause it is personal, we look at religion today as a belief and not what we should be looking at it for, which is  fact. We also have our own beliefs, that when other’s don’t share our beliefs, then we look at them as “offending” us, we also tend to think that what we believe and what we know, is the only way, which proves the society we have become and that is an ” all about me” society.

                        When we research how the individual states, of the United States got their shapes, you will find that they were created with religion at the base and would explain why, religion has become so personal in today’s society. every State was shaped for a reason, just research back to civil war and pre civil war times to see the facts, for instance the time zones in this country were created by the building of the train lines, so they could keep a schedule, as they traveled across the country.

                         Religion in our lives is suppose to bring us together, to work together, so we can be stronger and better as each generation grows, this is God’s vision for us and is what we have got away from, when God created us and this planet, he did so, with the intent of creating a loving society, instead in this society we have done a complete 180 degree turn of his vision, which does nothing but create hate of each other, to truely fix this situation, we need to find the true meaning of the word “Empathy” and live it everyday of our lives today, this will take alot of work on all of our parts and in a society of all about me, may seem very hard and unreal, but if we focus, open our minds and willing to except change, soon the hard work will become easier over time.


having direction in life and beyond

                      We in this Society have become so dependant on technology, that we have foregotton what it was like for our Anchestors before us.

                       Every car comes with a GPS now a days, where you type in your destination, push a button and off you go, ask someone to read a map and suddenly they become lost? When Jesus was born the three Kings came from very far distance and did it by following a star, with no map, or even a GPS, not only did they follow the star, they also looked at the moon to determine what time of day it is, the Society of today complains all the time that they have it hard? With all the technology we have, our lives are actually easier then all the Societies before us, it is us the people of this Society, that make our own lives hard, by our actions as Individuals and bring them to the Society.

                        From building a house to cooking a hamburger, there are so many regulations we have to follow, that houses of today are poorly built and many people become sicker, then our Anchestor’s were when they cooked their daily kill, so they could eat for the day, if you see the direction I am going in, you will see that we are using technology, in a way that it makes our lives difficult, instead of what it is suppose to do and that is easier, when I lived in Colorado, I had a 4×4 truck, went in the back country quite often and saw first hand, of how our Anchestor’s built their houses and yes they were still standing and very sturdy, they built things to last and had no regulations to follow, lesson learned that today without direction, we can’t do anything like that.

                         As we people have evolved over time, from the rough and tough times, to the easy living technology times, it is us the people that are the problem, as we go through life aimlessly, without a desperation of doing what we have to, just to survive, or even not communicating properly with each other, when times get tough, cause we are to proud to show any weakness we have, instead we bury our problems, as to not show to other’s that we are weak, but what we forget is, those that ask for help, are actually the strong ones and the ones that don’t are the weak ones.

                         The direction we the people have evolved into is, the direction of no Empathy of each other, if we had this Empathy, there would be no more shootings of each other, cause we would all actually care of each other and when we do this, we would actually look out for one another and when one is getting a little “emotional distraught”, we would see the signs, step in and help that Individual, instead of letting them spin out of control, we the people have done this to ourselves and it is we the people, that can fix this problem we are in, we just have to have Empathy and willing to work that much harder to fix ourselves and when we do, then Society will follow, so we all can walk our Journies in peace, harmony and happiness, wherever we go.