That little Child within

                              We as Humans, as we grow from that sweet little innocent Infant, to a full grown Adult, still have that little child within us all the time. We are so similar but yet so different, the Human brain is more complex than the World’s super computer, as we grow into Society, some of us into a sheltered and protected life, yet still others with a feeling or being neglected, those that were sheltered, look for ways to stay under that shelter even as they grow, those with neglected feelings, just wander aimlessly, with no real purpose, or meaning in life.

                               Either way we grow into Society the same, but as we grow we tend to forget that little child within us, sometimes that child gets lost cause he/she don’t understand things that happen, so he/she hides in a shell to protect itself from harm, we on the exterior lose sight of where we are going, cause that child has lost it’s way and that causes us to do things that is not really us, we may think we are in control, but without being in touch with our little child inside us, all we are doing is just simply exsisting in a dog eat dog world and trying to do what we can to fit in.

                              Life is hard enough without adding anymore to it, but when you acknowledge and stay in touch with your inner child, Life can be much easier than you make it, alot of our troubles in our lives, come from not acknowledgeing  and being in touch with our inner child, which causes us to lose control, when we lose that control. we do anything to try to gain it back, which sometimes makes us do things we regret later.

                              We as Individuals make choices everyday, but the most important choice of all, is the choice to stay in touch with our inner child, so we can live our lives in harmony and happiness, without all the unnecessary crap we go through, that same crap that our inner child would of taken care of, if we stayed in touch, sometimes in life we take things for granted, or don’t think it is important, so we push it aside and forget, but in reality all we are doing is suppressing it, than later in life it comes back when we least expect it and bites us in the behind so hard, it is hard to not acknowledge it, then we find we are living a life that is not really us.

                            Whether we acknowledge our inner child or not, it does cry inside us, even though we on the outside may not cry, or acknowledge our inner child it stills lives within us our whole lives, we need to except it, acknowledge it and live it, throughout our lives, so we can live our lives in harmony, happiness and in control everyday we exsist, as we walk our journey of life.

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