Just a thought for theory

                       Yet again America is saddend, with another School shooting in Littleton, Colorado at the Arapahoe High School. I have lived in the high country of beautiful Colorado and that area of Littleton, will take your breathe away in awe of it’s beauty, to think of such tradgedy in a place like this, is mind blowing and asking why?

                        Just a theory to share, we all know that the Terrorists have cell units in place in this country, what if they are searching out the weak, like our children, who are troubled, lonely and depressed, brainwashing them to do these acts, to destroy us in this country from within? We all know that the Terrorists are ” emotionally distraught” Individuals and by doing this, they are making more ” emotionally distraught” Individuals, to carry out these heinous acts, showing just what a Terrorist is and that is a coward, that hides behind anything they can, so they can inflict fear and harm to all.

                         We all have been hurt at some point in our lives, things don’t go according to plan, so we try to adjust what we need and we just get knocked down further, it happens and it’s part of life, to help us grow and be strong, but what we always forget, is that it is not how we fall, it is how we get back up, so we can keep moving forward, with strength while we keep our dignity.

                          While we all see these school shootings and get overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, then over react by calling out our elected officials, for not banning all guns, let us remember, it is not the gun that did this, it is the ” emotionally distraught” Individual that pulled the trigger and the ones around that Individual for not seeing the warning signs, no matter what we do in life, when we fall, there are always signs, that warn us when we start the downfall, we just have to be smart enough to see them, or what is even harder, willing to work harder to overcome the fall, so we can get up quickly, with less harm done to ourselves and those around us.

                          Life is full of signs, whether they are just in our everyday lives, or whether they are inside us as Individuals, we need to take the time to see them, reckcognize them, so we can minimize the fall and make the get back up better and stronger, which will make for a better life for all.


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