The Train Ride of Life

                              We all start out on the same shiny and brand new Train, the train pulls out of the station just like all the other’s, as the train travels along the tracks, there are many stops and turns along it’s journey, some may chose to get off the train, or stay on it’s journey, but suddenly as the train motors along, it starts to shake viciously and then derails off it’s tracks, the cars become dislodged from each other and scatter everywhere along the sides of the tracks, as they come to a hault where they may stop.

                               There may be some, that escape unscathed, then hop onto the next train, to continue their journey, their may stil be other’s, that are not as lucky, they become disoriented, lost as to their directioin and wander around unconciously, of those Individuals, they quickly fix what is wrong and they to get right back on the train and continue their journey.

                               Then you have the ones that go on wandering, with no direction cause they don’t know how to fix what is wrong and think that they are ok, with nothing wrong? These are the ones that wander aimlessly, don’t address what is wrong, only bury their pain, put forth a fake self, as to hide to other’s and to show that they are ok, but in reality they are hurting deeply.

                                 Then one day these people finally wake up, address what is truely wrong with them, get all the tools they need, to fix their problems and thy self, then before they know it, they to are back on the train, continueing their journey, once everybody is back on the train, the Conductor once again says, “all aboard”, “the train ride of life now leaving for the journey of life”.


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