Experienceing something new in our lives

                              We all get caught up in our own routines, we get stuck in the ruts of life, so we stay protected within our own comfort zones, we stay within the network of family and friends and don’t reach out to anybody, or anything else, in order to keep our comfort zones safe from any harm, by doing all this, we become closed minded and unaware of what life really is like out there, unlike being open minded, where we are not afraid to experience new things.

                                Today I went to a funeral at a Greek Orthodox Church, even though I am Christian, this was a new experience for me, seeing how other’s of a different Faith, put to rest their own, it was beautiful to watch and listen, even though I didn’t understand what the Priest was saying, I knew exactly what was going on, it also showed me that when you open your heart to all that is around you, that is when the faith in the Lord God speaks the loudest.

                               When we have Faith and Hope, that is when we have light, instead of being in the deepest dark, when we open our heart to all that is around us, it is this moment, that God speaks to us  and guides us, back to the path of rightousness, we all need to get back to the faith we all once had, so our future and the future of our Society, can thrive and grow and be strong once again, then God’s vision of love shared by all, will bury all the hatred in which we live today.

                               When God’s only son Jesus came to us, he showed us the path of rightousness, but through the years, we have lost that path, become blinded by our own fears and become stuck in our own rut, hidden our true feelings and emotions, to keep our comfort zones free of harm, so they become just that, “comfortsble”.


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