That little Child within

                              We as Humans, as we grow from that sweet little innocent Infant, to a full grown Adult, still have that little child within us all the time. We are so similar but yet so different, the Human brain is more complex than the World’s super computer, as we grow into Society, some of us into a sheltered and protected life, yet still others with a feeling or being neglected, those that were sheltered, look for ways to stay under that shelter even as they grow, those with neglected feelings, just wander aimlessly, with no real purpose, or meaning in life.

                               Either way we grow into Society the same, but as we grow we tend to forget that little child within us, sometimes that child gets lost cause he/she don’t understand things that happen, so he/she hides in a shell to protect itself from harm, we on the exterior lose sight of where we are going, cause that child has lost it’s way and that causes us to do things that is not really us, we may think we are in control, but without being in touch with our little child inside us, all we are doing is just simply exsisting in a dog eat dog world and trying to do what we can to fit in.

                              Life is hard enough without adding anymore to it, but when you acknowledge and stay in touch with your inner child, Life can be much easier than you make it, alot of our troubles in our lives, come from not acknowledgeing  and being in touch with our inner child, which causes us to lose control, when we lose that control. we do anything to try to gain it back, which sometimes makes us do things we regret later.

                              We as Individuals make choices everyday, but the most important choice of all, is the choice to stay in touch with our inner child, so we can live our lives in harmony and happiness, without all the unnecessary crap we go through, that same crap that our inner child would of taken care of, if we stayed in touch, sometimes in life we take things for granted, or don’t think it is important, so we push it aside and forget, but in reality all we are doing is suppressing it, than later in life it comes back when we least expect it and bites us in the behind so hard, it is hard to not acknowledge it, then we find we are living a life that is not really us.

                            Whether we acknowledge our inner child or not, it does cry inside us, even though we on the outside may not cry, or acknowledge our inner child it stills lives within us our whole lives, we need to except it, acknowledge it and live it, throughout our lives, so we can live our lives in harmony, happiness and in control everyday we exsist, as we walk our journey of life.

Just a thought for theory

                       Yet again America is saddend, with another School shooting in Littleton, Colorado at the Arapahoe High School. I have lived in the high country of beautiful Colorado and that area of Littleton, will take your breathe away in awe of it’s beauty, to think of such tradgedy in a place like this, is mind blowing and asking why?

                        Just a theory to share, we all know that the Terrorists have cell units in place in this country, what if they are searching out the weak, like our children, who are troubled, lonely and depressed, brainwashing them to do these acts, to destroy us in this country from within? We all know that the Terrorists are ” emotionally distraught” Individuals and by doing this, they are making more ” emotionally distraught” Individuals, to carry out these heinous acts, showing just what a Terrorist is and that is a coward, that hides behind anything they can, so they can inflict fear and harm to all.

                         We all have been hurt at some point in our lives, things don’t go according to plan, so we try to adjust what we need and we just get knocked down further, it happens and it’s part of life, to help us grow and be strong, but what we always forget, is that it is not how we fall, it is how we get back up, so we can keep moving forward, with strength while we keep our dignity.

                          While we all see these school shootings and get overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, then over react by calling out our elected officials, for not banning all guns, let us remember, it is not the gun that did this, it is the ” emotionally distraught” Individual that pulled the trigger and the ones around that Individual for not seeing the warning signs, no matter what we do in life, when we fall, there are always signs, that warn us when we start the downfall, we just have to be smart enough to see them, or what is even harder, willing to work harder to overcome the fall, so we can get up quickly, with less harm done to ourselves and those around us.

                          Life is full of signs, whether they are just in our everyday lives, or whether they are inside us as Individuals, we need to take the time to see them, reckcognize them, so we can minimize the fall and make the get back up better and stronger, which will make for a better life for all.


Tis the season of Christmas

                       Christmas is a special time of year, it is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We in this Society have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas, we have fallen for the corporate trap of, we need to spend our time in the stores, to buy the biggest and best gifts, in order to be excepted by other’s, we spend our hard earned money, so the corporations can get richer, as we get poorer, this time of year you walk into a store and people are literally fist fighting each other, on the streets people drive without thinking, they cut you off, just so they can get to the store ahead of you, people tend to think that Christmas is about them and won’t bother with you all year, unless you buy them a gift for Christmas.

                        The true meaning of Christmas is Love and the giving of yourself, so other’s around you can be happy, so they to can give themselves to other’s around them, when Jesus walked this Planet, he did so with the clothes on his back and sharing his Love of everybody he came into contact with, he gave his love and himself, so all of us, could be happy, spread his word, spread our love, so to make the hatred go way.

                        There are yet a small majority of us, that don’t believe in God, that is fine you have that right, but what you don’t have the right to do is, push your beliefs and views on those of us that do believe in God. When God created this Planet and created us as well, he did so with the vision of, we walk this Earth as he did, showing our love of one another, having true Empathy and compassion of each other, instead of objectifying each other, look at each other with love knowing that we all have feelings, that can be hurt and that we are somebody, God wants nothing more than all of us to get along, love each other as we love ourselves and enjoy the fruits of his labor, it’s not just during Christmas, it is all year everyday.

                         As we embark on this Christmas season, let’s do so knowing we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, there will be some of us that struggle during this time of year, whether they have lost a loved one, or whatever the case may be, let us all unite showing the love that God wants us to, so as to make this season happy for everybody around us, it is the spirit of giving ourselves, not the spirit of buying the biggest and best gift, that is a material gift and not a real gift, like ourselves and spreading the love of our hearts, to all those around us.

                          To say the words ” I love you” is one thing, to say these words and really mean it from the heart is totally different, we in this Society throw these words around, like buying candy from a candy store, we don’t say these words with any kind of true feeling anymore, true love is more special, than any kind of feeling you will ever have, wherever there is true love being expressed, you will never see any hate or anger, true love is the most genuine feeling, of anything that we may encounter, on our journey of life.

                           Nelson Mandela was a great man, did alot of good not just for his country, but for the entire world and to quote him is an honor, ” we are not born to hate, we have to learn this, so if we can learn to hate, we can also learn to love, as love comes more naturally from the heart”. These are words for all of us to live by, not just during this Christmas season, but everyday of our lives, as we walk this planet, on our journey of life.


The Train Ride of Life

                              We all start out on the same shiny and brand new Train, the train pulls out of the station just like all the other’s, as the train travels along the tracks, there are many stops and turns along it’s journey, some may chose to get off the train, or stay on it’s journey, but suddenly as the train motors along, it starts to shake viciously and then derails off it’s tracks, the cars become dislodged from each other and scatter everywhere along the sides of the tracks, as they come to a hault where they may stop.

                               There may be some, that escape unscathed, then hop onto the next train, to continue their journey, their may stil be other’s, that are not as lucky, they become disoriented, lost as to their directioin and wander around unconciously, of those Individuals, they quickly fix what is wrong and they to get right back on the train and continue their journey.

                               Then you have the ones that go on wandering, with no direction cause they don’t know how to fix what is wrong and think that they are ok, with nothing wrong? These are the ones that wander aimlessly, don’t address what is wrong, only bury their pain, put forth a fake self, as to hide to other’s and to show that they are ok, but in reality they are hurting deeply.

                                 Then one day these people finally wake up, address what is truely wrong with them, get all the tools they need, to fix their problems and thy self, then before they know it, they to are back on the train, continueing their journey, once everybody is back on the train, the Conductor once again says, “all aboard”, “the train ride of life now leaving for the journey of life”.


Experienceing something new in our lives

                              We all get caught up in our own routines, we get stuck in the ruts of life, so we stay protected within our own comfort zones, we stay within the network of family and friends and don’t reach out to anybody, or anything else, in order to keep our comfort zones safe from any harm, by doing all this, we become closed minded and unaware of what life really is like out there, unlike being open minded, where we are not afraid to experience new things.

                                Today I went to a funeral at a Greek Orthodox Church, even though I am Christian, this was a new experience for me, seeing how other’s of a different Faith, put to rest their own, it was beautiful to watch and listen, even though I didn’t understand what the Priest was saying, I knew exactly what was going on, it also showed me that when you open your heart to all that is around you, that is when the faith in the Lord God speaks the loudest.

                               When we have Faith and Hope, that is when we have light, instead of being in the deepest dark, when we open our heart to all that is around us, it is this moment, that God speaks to us  and guides us, back to the path of rightousness, we all need to get back to the faith we all once had, so our future and the future of our Society, can thrive and grow and be strong once again, then God’s vision of love shared by all, will bury all the hatred in which we live today.

                               When God’s only son Jesus came to us, he showed us the path of rightousness, but through the years, we have lost that path, become blinded by our own fears and become stuck in our own rut, hidden our true feelings and emotions, to keep our comfort zones free of harm, so they become just that, “comfortsble”.