That little Child within

                              We as Humans, as we grow from that sweet little innocent Infant, to a full grown Adult, still have that little child within us all the time. We are so similar but yet so different, the Human brain is more complex than the World’s super computer, as we grow into Society, some of us

Just a thought for theory

                       Yet again America is saddend, with another School shooting in Littleton, Colorado at the Arapahoe High School. I have lived in the high country of beautiful Colorado and that area of Littleton, will take your breathe away in awe of it’s beauty, to think of such tradgedy in a place like this, is mind

The Train Ride of Life

                              We all start out on the same shiny and brand new Train, the train pulls out of the station just like all the other’s, as the train travels along the tracks, there are many stops and turns along it’s journey, some may chose to get off the train, or stay on it’s journey, but suddenly

Experienceing something new in our lives

                              We all get caught up in our own routines, we get stuck in the ruts of life, so we stay protected within our own comfort zones, we stay within the network of family and friends and don’t reach out to anybody, or anything else, in order to keep our comfort zones safe from any harm,

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