True Thanksgiving Values

                              Over the years we have come to take for granted this day. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for your Family and your friends, it is not about waiting in line for the stores to open and being first in line for the deals, instead of celebrating these precious holidays for their true meaning, we have come to celebrate them, for all the wrong reasons.

                              Thanksgiving is a Holiday that we should celebrate all year long, not just for one day, we should be thankful to the Lord God himself, as he is the one who created us and all the living things on this Planet, so we can enjoy our lives everyday, we should also be thankful for Jesus himself, the son of God, for showing us the true path of goodness and along this path comes much happiness, let’s be thankful for our Parents, as they gave us life, so we can live as we like, we can go on and on, there are many things for us to be thankful for.

                               Thanksgiving is a day we need to get back to for it’s true meaning, then live it throughout the entire year, not just with your Family, or your Friends, but with each other, all over this planet.

                                To be truely thankful of each other, will get rid of all the hatred in this world, as we become a Society of happiness and good, as with happiness and good, our lives will flourish and we will become stronger and better as we walk our journies, throughout our lives.

                                 Thanksgiving is a special day, to be with Family and Friends, not a day to be divided and in the stores away from those we hold dear, our Politicians talk about the “grass roots”, I say we go to the roots of the grass, get back to what the true meaning of “Thanksgiving” means, live it every day of the year, so we all can prosper and live our lives in happiness, with love for one another, so the hatred in the world will disappear.

                                  Happy Thanksgiving to all, as we show just what this day truely means and live it everyday of every year, moving forward on our journey of life.


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