Trust being learned as well as earned

                              As we grow from an Infant, to a full grown Male/Female, we learn many things along our journey, one of those things is how to trust, not just a shallow trust of trivial things, but a trust that goes so deep, that once it is lost, it is lost forever and very hard to get back.

                              Shallow trust is like, I trust my friend to drive my car, or like he said he will be here at a certain time, I trust he will be here, this kind of trust can be easily fixed, but a trust like putting your faith in other’s around you, that will literally go above and beyond being just a friend, or even a family member, like someone you looked up to as a role model, then they take advantage of this trust and do things that belittle or make you feel less than, is a kind of trust that bonds you with other’s, then when this bond is taken advantage of, or becomes broken, then it becomes very hard to trust anybody ever again and is very hard to mend.

                               We are taught from a young age, to respect our elder’s, as we respect and do as we are taught, we then develop a trust with them, which than turns into a bond, when this bond and trust is broken, we then hide within ourselves, as to protect ourselves from further harm, we bury our true feelings and emotions, project fake feelings and emotions to appear like nothing is wrong, we then try to move on with our lives, like nothing has happened, all the while we are truely hurting inside, but we project to other’s that we are okay, as we project our fake selves, we further suppress our true feelings and emotions, til one day later in life on our journey, we find that the only one that was hurting from this was ourselves, instead of protecting ourselves from harm, we were hurting ourselves even further, than if we took care of the situation when it happened.

                                Sometimes things happen to us, when we are so young that we don’t understand what it means, sometimes those that we are suppose to look up to, are the ones that hurt us the most, these are the ones we are suppose to have a deep trust for and create that special bond with, then when this trust and bond are broken, we bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within ourselves, that we don’t even acknowlege they exsist, we then go through life instead of looking at other’s as person, but looking at them as an object, sometimes we may never come to grips with it, or sometimes the grip comes later, but either way, when we finally come to grips with it, that trust and bond that was broken, is very hard to mend.

                                To mend or fix ourselves from a lifetime of hurt, distrust and a broken bond, is not impossible to fix, but it will take just as long to be able to trust again, never the less the thought of creating another bond again, We as Humans go through alot on our journey of life, there are many ups and downs, turns and crossroads, to confuse us on our path, some may go through life without any of this, other’s tend to have more than they can handle, but when you fix things as they happen, it makes for a more happier life and makes you stronger as a person, moving forward on our journey of life.


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