Rich man….. Poor man

                              Our fore-fathers have worked very hard in their day, to create an America for each and every one of us, that is stunning and beautiful, so we all can prosper throughout every Generation.

                              What America has become, which shows a disrespect to our foreFathers, is nothing but a Corporate world and an attitude of, greed for the Corporation, greed in this Corporate world, is whats killing the Integrity and the fundamentals, of this great country of America.

                               Look around everywhere you go, as one price of an item goes down, another goes up, the cost of living keeps a constent rise, with no view of the summit in site, at least when you go hiking and get above tree line, you can see the summit and know when the end of the climb is near, in the Corporate world, they rise and drop prices, to make it look like they are with the consumer, but in reality its nothing but a game to them, so the top Executives can pad their pockets and basically steal from the rest of us, the Corporations then lean on the Politicians, pay to help them get re-elected, so they can still take even more of our money and the Politicians get their kick backs, so they don’t care of us, as their pockets are getting filled as well.

                               The more the Corporate world keeps growing out there, the more the rest of us keep getting poorer and if your not a yes man and a corporate guy, then you get left behind in this cruel world, in which we live today, the people we elect in our Goverment, including our President, say what we want to hear to recieve our votes, but once they get in office, become that Corporate person and forget why they were elected by us, so they can pad their pockets over and above what their title pays by the Corporation in which they secretly endorse, what this shows more than anything is, we have no true leadership in our Government today and this is a sad reality we live today.

                              Everwhere you look today on the streets of America, no matter what kind of business your looking at, the Mom and Pop shops are gone and replaced by Corporations, instead of having an Owner, now you have Board of Director’s, Investor’s, Ceo’s ect… Doing the same job and Individual Owner used to do? So instead of one person recieving a paycheck and careing for his/hers customer’s, you know have many Individuals recieving a paycheck and not giving “two drops of a penny”, of who they are selling to, just sell the product and if it breaks, Oh well? we have our money and they are out of our mind.

                              Greed is killing the integrity and the fundamentals of America, this is not the vision our ForeFather’s had for this Country, nor is it the vision that the Lord God himself had, when he created us and this Planet, with all the signs he sends us each and everyday, it is time we stand up, recognize these signs and not only change the way that America has become, but change ourselves for the better, so we all can prosper and get back to what made America great.


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