Invictus the movie

Invictus is a movie that to some, may think it is boring, cause it has none of the killings, shootings, or is surrounded by sex, instead it is full of inspiration while showing true leadership.

Morgan Freeman a great actor, plays the role of Nelson Mandela and Matt Damien, plays the role of the captain of a rugby team in South Africa, both played their roles very well, while bringing out the very powerful message of which the movie holds and that message you shall have to see the movie to see it.

Invictus also shows that when a sport is played the right way, it not only inspires the team, it can inspire a whole nation as well, rugby is a very tough sport, when you mix up in one of the many scrums of the game, you can come out of it bleeding and even lose an ear, which all the equipment these men are wearing, is a mouthpiece, yes these men are in very good shape and can lay out a hit as well as any other in any sport, but they also show that when you have skill and are trained well, to play the game right, lose with a bigger smile then a winning smile, then you will achieve greatness and this South Africa team did just that.

This movie also showed that how great leaders lead, not by talking or disrespecting their teammates, but by leading by example and doing it quietly, as his teammates rally behind him, this is what true leadership really is, with this kind of leadership, comes respect not just of your team, but by all that watch and follow you.

Another big part of this movie, is the power of inspiration and that it comes from anything and everything around you, no matter how meaningless it may seem to you, you just have to want to see it, then as you see it, implament it in your ways, so you then can move forward, all the while becoming the true leader you can be.

This movie also shows just how sports, can be more than a sport and inspire a whole country, much like the 2013 Boston Red Sox did after the Marathon bombing, in the city of Boston and went on to win the World Series, when a sport is played for these reasons, instead of all the gambleing and negativity it brings now, sports can be the best way to heal our Society as well.

Invictus is a great movie and a must watch by all, some may ignore, but when you do it will show just how transparent and self centered you have become, as the rest of us watch and become inspired to become a true leader, then you will be left behind, but with enough of us watching and becoming inspired, than we can move forward in healing this Society, so we together can be stronger and walk our journies of life in happiness, with a smile.

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