Veterans Day

                               Veterans day is the second most sacred day, in the history of the United States.

                               The most sacred is Christmas, as on this day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who is the son of God our heavenly father, for God created us and this Planet, for us to walk our journies of life, with love, kindness and happiness, to share with each other.

                                On Veterans day, we celebrate those brave souls, that sacrificed their lives, so the rest of us can live in freedom, enjoying this great God created Planet, it is these Men and Woman, who are someones Son, Daughter, wife, husband etc. Alot of them paid the ultimate sacrifice, or came back to live with us, not the same as they left, these are the true hero’s of our Society and need to be treated with the up most respect, by all of us everyday.

                                 In this Society of today, we do not pay tribute enough to these Hero’s, we live our lives on a daily basis, with an all about me attitude and take everything for granted, we all want the World to bend over backwards, so we can take the easy way out, life is hard enough without adding even more to it, even as our Hero’s make the sacrifice for us, we still have to work hard, so our freedoms stay free and we together can share this great Country in which we live, without taking anything for granted.

                                With our Hero’s paying the ultimate sacrifice, or our loved ones being taken from us in death, what really is death? this is an answer nobody will ever solve, as in death is not really an ending, but it is really a beginning in the eyes of our Lord God himself, all we need to do is have faith in him and all will be taken cared of for us, for what we do hear on Earth, is a precursor, for what is to come in our new beginning.

                                 We in these United States, from what we learn in our history books, have been blessed with some great Hero’s, they are ordinary people like you and me, the big difference is, they fought hard, so we would not have to, the best way to show our respect and appreciation to them, is to not take anything for granted, work very hard at keeping our freedom everyday, show love and empathy of one another and live for one another, instead of living in our “all about me” world.



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