Being critical about criticism

                              Criticism within our Society is something we are all guilty of, it is us as Humans that are our own worst enemies and we critique anything and everything, even if we do not really know, what we are talking about.

                               Newspaper print, TV media and media in general, create criticism everyday of our lives, with this criticism it also creates big drama, which is what we as Humans buy into, when we buy into it, we think that it is okay for them, so it is okay for me? This is the wrong thinking, as this is what creates all the hatred in our Society.

                               Criticism goes even deeper than all the media outlets, it is within all of us as well, when we have our own issues, we tend to critisise others in order to forget our own issues, when we all do this, it becomes this big vicious circle, that is very hard to break, by using criticism towards others, shows just how weak we have become.

                               Criticism is a form of weakness, that shows we are not strong enough to face our own issues, if we did have the strength to face ourselves and fix our issues, than criticism wouldn’t even exsist. Criticism is a way for us to deflect from ourselves and portray our issues onto an unsuspecting victim, than objectifying instead of looking at each other as a Person.

                               When we have more compassion and empathy of each other, criticism will disappear. We will also treat each other with respect, instead of putting each other down, so we ourselves can seem more powerful then the other, by using criticism on each other, also shows just how much we are in denial and not willing to take responsibility for our actions.

                                God did not create this Planet, or did he create us, so that we can use criticism on each other, he created us and this planet, for all of us to live in happiness, enjoy the fruits of his labor and show more compassion, empathy and love of one another, instead of what we are doing, which is nothing but divideing ourselves against each other.


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