The Moonlit Sky

 With the Moon so full and so bright,

 the Moon lights up our path so we can see,

 The Moon shines on the river with a glistening glow,

 the Moon has a shadow created by the tree,

 as the Moon drifts along the river glides with a flow,

 The full Moon gives the night a bit of a fright.






 Sometimes the Moon shows up as a quarter or a half,

 the Moon will always know what is day and what is night,

 The Moon is so far away but yet we see it clear as day,

 we travel to the Moon in a Rocket with great flight,

 we will never be able to collect it and hold it on a tray,

 the Moon holds many secrets maybe with God and his staff.






The Moon is very mysterious as it flies through the night sky, 

 does the Moon really have cheese on it then give me some bread,

 was the Moon ever inhabited or a lonely planet in the solar system,

 grill cheese on the Moon will keep us well fed,

 we may never understand the Moon so don’t throw a tantrum,

 the Moon looks so awesome as it moves past so please pass the rye.


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