The Calling

                               As we all grow into this Society, some of us know our calling and proceed to follow what we are called to become, but there are still alot of us, that never find our calling and proceed to walk our journey, with no rhyme or reason and walk aimlessly into an Abyss.

                               To find our calling in life, we first have to have faith in the Lord God himself, when we are young we get Baptized and recieve our first communion, or whatever religion you follow, that equals this? We pray and talk to the Lord God and ask for guidence on our path, but when we don’t get an answer back, we then lose faith, and just walk our journey with no direction in mind and just go with whatever we think will work? A lot of times it’s the wrong direction and we then end up lost, without knowing where we are going and because we think God never heard our prayer’s, our faith in him and with ourselves disappears, which makes us even more lost on our journey.

                               What we fail to understand a lot of times, is even when God doesn’t talk to us, he sends us signs, to guide us, along our journey, so we can find our calling and live our lives in happiness, with love for him, ourselves and other’s, all we need is total faith in him and we than can walk with confidence, as we move forward in finding that calling, instead of walking aimlessly throughout our lives.

                                God is always listening to us, everyday of our lives, all we need to do, is have faith and look for the signs he sends us, as this is how he speaks to us, not the way we speak to each other on a daily basis, when we walk aimlessly throughout life, we do this as a choice of our own, we need to look at it this way, instead of blaming other’s, or having a feeling of jealously toward each other, that does nothing but cloud our minds even more, we all make many choices everyday of our lives, throughout our lifetime, as we walk our journey of life, some of these choices are good and some are not, but none the less these choices we make, we have to live with and not try to blame other’s for our bad choices, we need to except our choices first, than we can proceed to fix the bad choices, learn from them, so we don’t make them again and when we do this, then our future choices will be better, more informed and with faith in the Lord God, looking for his signs he sends us from our prayers, so we then can find that calling, that we are called to do.

                            When we walk our Journey of life, with faith in the Lord God and watching for his signs from our prayers, we will find that we can walk with confidence, make better choices and live our lives in happiness and love, instead of being lost and walking in a cloud of doubt throughout our lives, then we all can find that calling, in which we are called to do.




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