True Thanksgiving Values

                              Over the years we have come to take for granted this day. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for your Family and your friends, it is not about waiting in line for the stores to open and being first in line for the deals, instead of celebrating these precious holidays for their true meaning, we have come to celebrate them, for all the wrong reasons.

                              Thanksgiving is a Holiday that we should celebrate all year long, not just for one day, we should be thankful to the Lord God himself, as he is the one who created us and all the living things on this Planet, so we can enjoy our lives everyday, we should also be thankful for Jesus himself, the son of God, for showing us the true path of goodness and along this path comes much happiness, let’s be thankful for our Parents, as they gave us life, so we can live as we like, we can go on and on, there are many things for us to be thankful for.

                               Thanksgiving is a day we need to get back to for it’s true meaning, then live it throughout the entire year, not just with your Family, or your Friends, but with each other, all over this planet.

                                To be truely thankful of each other, will get rid of all the hatred in this world, as we become a Society of happiness and good, as with happiness and good, our lives will flourish and we will become stronger and better as we walk our journies, throughout our lives.

                                 Thanksgiving is a special day, to be with Family and Friends, not a day to be divided and in the stores away from those we hold dear, our Politicians talk about the “grass roots”, I say we go to the roots of the grass, get back to what the true meaning of “Thanksgiving” means, live it every day of the year, so we all can prosper and live our lives in happiness, with love for one another, so the hatred in the world will disappear.

                                  Happy Thanksgiving to all, as we show just what this day truely means and live it everyday of every year, moving forward on our journey of life.


Trust being learned as well as earned

                              As we grow from an Infant, to a full grown Male/Female, we learn many things along our journey, one of those things is how to trust, not just a shallow trust of trivial things, but a trust that goes so deep, that once it is lost, it is lost forever and very hard to get back.

                              Shallow trust is like, I trust my friend to drive my car, or like he said he will be here at a certain time, I trust he will be here, this kind of trust can be easily fixed, but a trust like putting your faith in other’s around you, that will literally go above and beyond being just a friend, or even a family member, like someone you looked up to as a role model, then they take advantage of this trust and do things that belittle or make you feel less than, is a kind of trust that bonds you with other’s, then when this bond is taken advantage of, or becomes broken, then it becomes very hard to trust anybody ever again and is very hard to mend.

                               We are taught from a young age, to respect our elder’s, as we respect and do as we are taught, we then develop a trust with them, which than turns into a bond, when this bond and trust is broken, we then hide within ourselves, as to protect ourselves from further harm, we bury our true feelings and emotions, project fake feelings and emotions to appear like nothing is wrong, we then try to move on with our lives, like nothing has happened, all the while we are truely hurting inside, but we project to other’s that we are okay, as we project our fake selves, we further suppress our true feelings and emotions, til one day later in life on our journey, we find that the only one that was hurting from this was ourselves, instead of protecting ourselves from harm, we were hurting ourselves even further, than if we took care of the situation when it happened.

                                Sometimes things happen to us, when we are so young that we don’t understand what it means, sometimes those that we are suppose to look up to, are the ones that hurt us the most, these are the ones we are suppose to have a deep trust for and create that special bond with, then when this trust and bond are broken, we bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within ourselves, that we don’t even acknowlege they exsist, we then go through life instead of looking at other’s as person, but looking at them as an object, sometimes we may never come to grips with it, or sometimes the grip comes later, but either way, when we finally come to grips with it, that trust and bond that was broken, is very hard to mend.

                                To mend or fix ourselves from a lifetime of hurt, distrust and a broken bond, is not impossible to fix, but it will take just as long to be able to trust again, never the less the thought of creating another bond again, We as Humans go through alot on our journey of life, there are many ups and downs, turns and crossroads, to confuse us on our path, some may go through life without any of this, other’s tend to have more than they can handle, but when you fix things as they happen, it makes for a more happier life and makes you stronger as a person, moving forward on our journey of life.


Rich man….. Poor man

                              Our fore-fathers have worked very hard in their day, to create an America for each and every one of us, that is stunning and beautiful, so we all can prosper throughout every Generation.

                              What America has become, which shows a disrespect to our foreFathers, is nothing but a Corporate world and an attitude of, greed for the Corporation, greed in this Corporate world, is whats killing the Integrity and the fundamentals, of this great country of America.

                               Look around everywhere you go, as one price of an item goes down, another goes up, the cost of living keeps a constent rise, with no view of the summit in site, at least when you go hiking and get above tree line, you can see the summit and know when the end of the climb is near, in the Corporate world, they rise and drop prices, to make it look like they are with the consumer, but in reality its nothing but a game to them, so the top Executives can pad their pockets and basically steal from the rest of us, the Corporations then lean on the Politicians, pay to help them get re-elected, so they can still take even more of our money and the Politicians get their kick backs, so they don’t care of us, as their pockets are getting filled as well.

                               The more the Corporate world keeps growing out there, the more the rest of us keep getting poorer and if your not a yes man and a corporate guy, then you get left behind in this cruel world, in which we live today, the people we elect in our Goverment, including our President, say what we want to hear to recieve our votes, but once they get in office, become that Corporate person and forget why they were elected by us, so they can pad their pockets over and above what their title pays by the Corporation in which they secretly endorse, what this shows more than anything is, we have no true leadership in our Government today and this is a sad reality we live today.

                              Everwhere you look today on the streets of America, no matter what kind of business your looking at, the Mom and Pop shops are gone and replaced by Corporations, instead of having an Owner, now you have Board of Director’s, Investor’s, Ceo’s ect… Doing the same job and Individual Owner used to do? So instead of one person recieving a paycheck and careing for his/hers customer’s, you know have many Individuals recieving a paycheck and not giving “two drops of a penny”, of who they are selling to, just sell the product and if it breaks, Oh well? we have our money and they are out of our mind.

                              Greed is killing the integrity and the fundamentals of America, this is not the vision our ForeFather’s had for this Country, nor is it the vision that the Lord God himself had, when he created us and this Planet, with all the signs he sends us each and everyday, it is time we stand up, recognize these signs and not only change the way that America has become, but change ourselves for the better, so we all can prosper and get back to what made America great.


Invictus the movie

Invictus is a movie that to some, may think it is boring, cause it has none of the killings, shootings, or is surrounded by sex, instead it is full of inspiration while showing true leadership.

Morgan Freeman a great actor, plays the role of Nelson Mandela and Matt Damien, plays the role of the captain of a rugby team in South Africa, both played their roles very well, while bringing out the very powerful message of which the movie holds and that message you shall have to see the movie to see it.

Invictus also shows that when a sport is played the right way, it not only inspires the team, it can inspire a whole nation as well, rugby is a very tough sport, when you mix up in one of the many scrums of the game, you can come out of it bleeding and even lose an ear, which all the equipment these men are wearing, is a mouthpiece, yes these men are in very good shape and can lay out a hit as well as any other in any sport, but they also show that when you have skill and are trained well, to play the game right, lose with a bigger smile then a winning smile, then you will achieve greatness and this South Africa team did just that.

This movie also showed that how great leaders lead, not by talking or disrespecting their teammates, but by leading by example and doing it quietly, as his teammates rally behind him, this is what true leadership really is, with this kind of leadership, comes respect not just of your team, but by all that watch and follow you.

Another big part of this movie, is the power of inspiration and that it comes from anything and everything around you, no matter how meaningless it may seem to you, you just have to want to see it, then as you see it, implament it in your ways, so you then can move forward, all the while becoming the true leader you can be.

This movie also shows just how sports, can be more than a sport and inspire a whole country, much like the 2013 Boston Red Sox did after the Marathon bombing, in the city of Boston and went on to win the World Series, when a sport is played for these reasons, instead of all the gambleing and negativity it brings now, sports can be the best way to heal our Society as well.

Invictus is a great movie and a must watch by all, some may ignore, but when you do it will show just how transparent and self centered you have become, as the rest of us watch and become inspired to become a true leader, then you will be left behind, but with enough of us watching and becoming inspired, than we can move forward in healing this Society, so we together can be stronger and walk our journies of life in happiness, with a smile.

Veterans Day

                               Veterans day is the second most sacred day, in the history of the United States.

                               The most sacred is Christmas, as on this day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who is the son of God our heavenly father, for God created us and this Planet, for us to walk our journies of life, with love, kindness and happiness, to share with each other.

                                On Veterans day, we celebrate those brave souls, that sacrificed their lives, so the rest of us can live in freedom, enjoying this great God created Planet, it is these Men and Woman, who are someones Son, Daughter, wife, husband etc. Alot of them paid the ultimate sacrifice, or came back to live with us, not the same as they left, these are the true hero’s of our Society and need to be treated with the up most respect, by all of us everyday.

                                 In this Society of today, we do not pay tribute enough to these Hero’s, we live our lives on a daily basis, with an all about me attitude and take everything for granted, we all want the World to bend over backwards, so we can take the easy way out, life is hard enough without adding even more to it, even as our Hero’s make the sacrifice for us, we still have to work hard, so our freedoms stay free and we together can share this great Country in which we live, without taking anything for granted.

                                With our Hero’s paying the ultimate sacrifice, or our loved ones being taken from us in death, what really is death? this is an answer nobody will ever solve, as in death is not really an ending, but it is really a beginning in the eyes of our Lord God himself, all we need to do is have faith in him and all will be taken cared of for us, for what we do hear on Earth, is a precursor, for what is to come in our new beginning.

                                 We in these United States, from what we learn in our history books, have been blessed with some great Hero’s, they are ordinary people like you and me, the big difference is, they fought hard, so we would not have to, the best way to show our respect and appreciation to them, is to not take anything for granted, work very hard at keeping our freedom everyday, show love and empathy of one another and live for one another, instead of living in our “all about me” world.



Being critical about criticism

                              Criticism within our Society is something we are all guilty of, it is us as Humans that are our own worst enemies and we critique anything and everything, even if we do not really know, what we are talking about.

                               Newspaper print, TV media and media in general, create criticism everyday of our lives, with this criticism it also creates big drama, which is what we as Humans buy into, when we buy into it, we think that it is okay for them, so it is okay for me? This is the wrong thinking, as this is what creates all the hatred in our Society.

                               Criticism goes even deeper than all the media outlets, it is within all of us as well, when we have our own issues, we tend to critisise others in order to forget our own issues, when we all do this, it becomes this big vicious circle, that is very hard to break, by using criticism towards others, shows just how weak we have become.

                               Criticism is a form of weakness, that shows we are not strong enough to face our own issues, if we did have the strength to face ourselves and fix our issues, than criticism wouldn’t even exsist. Criticism is a way for us to deflect from ourselves and portray our issues onto an unsuspecting victim, than objectifying instead of looking at each other as a Person.

                               When we have more compassion and empathy of each other, criticism will disappear. We will also treat each other with respect, instead of putting each other down, so we ourselves can seem more powerful then the other, by using criticism on each other, also shows just how much we are in denial and not willing to take responsibility for our actions.

                                God did not create this Planet, or did he create us, so that we can use criticism on each other, he created us and this planet, for all of us to live in happiness, enjoy the fruits of his labor and show more compassion, empathy and love of one another, instead of what we are doing, which is nothing but divideing ourselves against each other.


The Moonlit Sky

 With the Moon so full and so bright,

 the Moon lights up our path so we can see,

 The Moon shines on the river with a glistening glow,

 the Moon has a shadow created by the tree,

 as the Moon drifts along the river glides with a flow,

 The full Moon gives the night a bit of a fright.






 Sometimes the Moon shows up as a quarter or a half,

 the Moon will always know what is day and what is night,

 The Moon is so far away but yet we see it clear as day,

 we travel to the Moon in a Rocket with great flight,

 we will never be able to collect it and hold it on a tray,

 the Moon holds many secrets maybe with God and his staff.






The Moon is very mysterious as it flies through the night sky, 

 does the Moon really have cheese on it then give me some bread,

 was the Moon ever inhabited or a lonely planet in the solar system,

 grill cheese on the Moon will keep us well fed,

 we may never understand the Moon so don’t throw a tantrum,

 the Moon looks so awesome as it moves past so please pass the rye.


The Calling

                               As we all grow into this Society, some of us know our calling and proceed to follow what we are called to become, but there are still alot of us, that never find our calling and proceed to walk our journey, with no rhyme or reason and walk aimlessly into an Abyss.

                               To find our calling in life, we first have to have faith in the Lord God himself, when we are young we get Baptized and recieve our first communion, or whatever religion you follow, that equals this? We pray and talk to the Lord God and ask for guidence on our path, but when we don’t get an answer back, we then lose faith, and just walk our journey with no direction in mind and just go with whatever we think will work? A lot of times it’s the wrong direction and we then end up lost, without knowing where we are going and because we think God never heard our prayer’s, our faith in him and with ourselves disappears, which makes us even more lost on our journey.

                               What we fail to understand a lot of times, is even when God doesn’t talk to us, he sends us signs, to guide us, along our journey, so we can find our calling and live our lives in happiness, with love for him, ourselves and other’s, all we need is total faith in him and we than can walk with confidence, as we move forward in finding that calling, instead of walking aimlessly throughout our lives.

                                God is always listening to us, everyday of our lives, all we need to do, is have faith and look for the signs he sends us, as this is how he speaks to us, not the way we speak to each other on a daily basis, when we walk aimlessly throughout life, we do this as a choice of our own, we need to look at it this way, instead of blaming other’s, or having a feeling of jealously toward each other, that does nothing but cloud our minds even more, we all make many choices everyday of our lives, throughout our lifetime, as we walk our journey of life, some of these choices are good and some are not, but none the less these choices we make, we have to live with and not try to blame other’s for our bad choices, we need to except our choices first, than we can proceed to fix the bad choices, learn from them, so we don’t make them again and when we do this, then our future choices will be better, more informed and with faith in the Lord God, looking for his signs he sends us from our prayers, so we then can find that calling, that we are called to do.

                            When we walk our Journey of life, with faith in the Lord God and watching for his signs from our prayers, we will find that we can walk with confidence, make better choices and live our lives in happiness and love, instead of being lost and walking in a cloud of doubt throughout our lives, then we all can find that calling, in which we are called to do.