Who are we

                              We are Sinners. In the eyes of  the Lord God, we all at one time or another, along our journey of life, have done or said something in which we would like to do over.

                               We are also Human Beings, as a Human Being we also make mistakes, but instead of admitting to our mistakes, we then point out the mistakes of other’s, so ours will go unnoticed, when we hear gossip about other’s, we then automatically are quick to judge, without even knowing the whole truth, then keep the gossip going, this is just being a Human, but in the eyes of God, we are also sinner’s.

                                 We all want to look perfect in the eyes of others, but to do this we have to hide our mistakes, then highlight those of others and  in our own minds, think we are on a higher pedestal than other Humans, in reality at the end of our journey, the only pedestal, would be the one we walk on the our journey of life, as we rise up to our God  ourselves.

                                  Who are we? We are Sinners, we are Human, we all make mistakes, so let us unite, not just to co-exsist with each other, but to be happy with love , throughout our Journey of Life,  



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