Outwit the Bully

                              A Bully is a person that inflicts fear in other’s, so they can look powerful to all, to hide their own personal problems, instead of trying to fix them.

                              To a Bully, when they inflict this fear and make us do things we don’t want to, this gives the Bully complete control over us and eventually all those in which become the victim of the Bully, when we become overwhelmed with fear, we then lose sight of who we really are, become lost with our thoughts and try to hide these feelings, by becoming something in which we are not.

                              Meanwhile the Bully is laughing at us and making us feel like we are not worthy, we think no matter what we do, it is not good enough, which brings our self esteem so low, that it becomes almost non exsistent, we think that there is something wrong with ourselves and why is this Bully harming me? So we then try to hide our true feelings and emotions and become something that is not what we truely are, this is a way for our subconcious to put us in a safe place, but it is also shows that we let the Bully win in controlling our lives.

                               A Bully can come from many ways in our lives, it can be another person, that puts fear in us, in order for them to control us, it can be in the form of a Government, that puts things in place, that does nothing but control the way we live our lives, or it can be an organization like the Taliban, that inflicts fear in all of us, from every walk of life, so they can control all of  us, so we will see their sick and twisted views.

                               A Bully is nothing but a person, or a group of Individuals, that do nothing but put fear in us, so they can have complete control of us, all while hiding who they really are and hiding their own situatioin and life’s problems, the way we deal with this is, stand up to this Bully, while looking straight in their eyes and calling them out, by taking our fear and putting it right on them, this will make the Bully cower away, like the real coward they are, Bullies have been around in each of our generations, instead of standing up to them, we have been suppressing them as well as parts of ourselves, to ease the pain of their exsistence and trying to hide the harm they have caused, it’s time we as a society come clean, so we can end all this hatred and live within happiness, love, strength and good will.


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