Leadership Qualities

                              A true Leader is one that guides other’s and seeks no attention, does so in a quiet manner, as to not create a stir, also gains the respect of others without even thinking about it.

                              When it comes to the Government of the USA, there are no true leader’s, as a true leader would know how to work with anybody, regardless of what party you are in, whether Republican or Democrat, it’s not about you and your party, it’s about doing the job you were voted in to do, I blame all individuals no matter what party your affiliated with, for the mess and the shutdown of the Government, if you really cared of each and every person of the United States and weren’t so blind as to only think of yourself, we may have a good leader, that would cross the party lines, so this mess of the Government would be avoided, a real leader sets the example, for the other’s to follow.

                               A real leader does not take to a public forum and calls out other’s to get their message across, instead they stay behind the scenes, chat individually with each party and comes to a solution, that is best for the job they are trying to do, a real leader puts the welfare of other’s above themselves and does not expect anything in return, right now in our Government we have none of this, hence we have no true leader within our Government.

                                You want to see a true Leader, look no further than Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins, he shows up, takes to the ice and leads by example, then expects nothing back for it, very quiet individual, which now has the respect of all in the league of hockey.

                                 Another true Leader is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, what he is doing this year with a whole new recieving core, which are all rookies and doing so by leading from example, whether on game day, practice day, or a day off, Tom always and quietly leads his team, to which he never asks anything from them.

                                 Sports is not just about the gambeling, which breeds nothing but hatred, if we just relax, watch our favorite team and enjoy the ride of their success, we to can learn how to become a good leader in life and not step on another man’s shoeshine.

                                  After the tradgedy in the city of Boston, the true leader’s shined even brighter, as all the first responders reacted without word, the term #bostonstrong was formed and those who created it, looked not to profit from it, instead donated all the funds to the one fund, the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox, showed this true leadership also, as they took the whole city on their backs, to unite them once again, as they went on to have great success in their sport.

                                  We do live in a great Society, there are true Leader’s out there, except we do not have them in our Government, or this shut down would not have happened and our economy would not be as bad as it is, the time is now, to step up to the plate and become the good leader, this Country expected of you, when you were first voted in to office.

                                  Great Leaders lead, without expecting anything in return, Shane Victorino of the Boston Red Sox, is a good leader in the club house, he just got rewarded with a winning grand slam, to move his team into the World Series, this only shows when good leaders lead and do so quietly, they do get rewarded with good, where not only he benefits from, but his teammates have also been rewarded.


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