A Defineing moment in time

                              We all suffer a Life event, at one time or another in our life’s exsistence, but what we can’t do is, let it define who we become on our Journey of life.

                               God created each and every one of us that walk this planet, he did not create us, to have hatred of everyone/everything that we may encounter on our journey, as we walk our paths of our journey, life is hard enough to stay on track and do it the right way, but when these life events happen to us, it makes it that much harder, to walk that journey. These life events sometimes knock us to the ground, but that don’t mean to ever quit, it means we need to fight that much harder, to get up, so we can continue our journey on the path, it is a way for God to test us, so he can see if we are ready to continue on the plan he has set forth for us.

                              No one can ever say they have glided through life unscathed, if they did then they are either hiding something, or have cheated themselves out of living life the right way, life has many twists and turns, that if we are not ready, it will suck us into the deep black hole, that will keep us falling, until we correct what is wrong, so we than can continue our journey and walk our path with confidence and strength.

                                Life has many twists and turns, many temptations and life events, it is how we react to them that defines how we become, there is no event in which we can not conquor, we just need to pick up all the pieces of our lives, sort them out, piece them together, like the jigsaw puzzle of life, so we can move forward on the path of our journey, with confidence and strength and not let it define us, into the Abyss of the black hole of life.


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