Boston Sports is alive and kicking

 Yes I am an avid Boston sports fan, with my number one team being the Boston Bruins, 2nd being the New England Patriots and third the Boston Red Sox, as far as Basketball……well we will leave that for another blog.

                               In this present time, it is an awesome time for all of us true Boston sports fans, with a very sad time in the Boston marathon bombings in our past, we have a saying here in Boston now and that is #bostonstrong. The Bruins were the front runners of this last season, with all they did at the Garden for all those involved in this tradgic event, then going to the Stanley Cup finals and coming just shy of their 2nd cup in three years, really energized an entire city, showing just what #bostonstrong really means.

                               You also have the Red Sox, who was just starting their season and they to did alot for those involved in the tradgic event, which their season is still going, as they to are deep in their playoffs, going for the title, like the Bruins did, all in the name of #bostonstrong. This Team the Red Sox is a special team, as they have been showing this all season, by how they finished last year to how they finished this season, with their no quit mentality, they to like the Bruins are showing what #bostonstrong really means.

                               We can’t forget the New England Patriots in this mix, as they to have done alot for those involved in the tradgic event, with Brady as the Quarterback and Belichek as the coach and a good part of the offense all new names and rookies at that, but yet they are 5 and 1 in their young season, the way they have been winning, with a no quit attitude, also showing what the term #bostonstrong really means, shows just how team oriented they are.

                                After a day like we had yesterday in Boston sports, with a clutch touchdown pass from Brady, to Thompkins, with 5 seconds left on the clock to win the game, then later that night with the Red Sox down 5 to 0 and starting a comeback and a Big Papi grand slam homerun, to tie the game, finished by Salty hitting a clutch single to bring in a walk off winning run, to win the game 6 to 5, was one of the most memorable days in my life as a Boston sports fan and further proves that #bostonstrong is still alive and kicking, that energizes the entire city.

                                With these three Teams doing what they are doing and bringing an entire city back to life, after such a tradgic event, showing all other’s in the rest of the Country, that even after a tradgedy, if you never give up and keep fighting, you can overcome anything you set your mind to, we as fans are witnessing a special time right now and what we can do, is show our support of them as we sit back and enjoy the ride.

                                Go Bruins…………. Go Patriots…………….. Go Red Sox, make us all proud as you make yourselves proud, while showing what #bostonstrong really means and energizing an entire city and beyond.

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