The Nobel Peace Prize

                           The Nobel Peace Prize, I can remember as a kid, this was a very prestigious award, a recipient of this award was held in very high regard, as he/she has achieved a great accomplishment, that the whole World has or will have benefitted from, when it came to this award it was a great resume boost, to anyone that could add it to their own.

                            Over the last 5+ years, this awards noteriety has diminshed greatly, the ones that hand out this award, have been doing so, like handing out candy in a candy store, it seems like they to have been caught up in this “political correct” Society in which we live today, everybody is so afraid of offending somebody, that all the hard work and respect is sucked right out of our society today, each and every one of us are to blame for this, just like Jack Nicholson said in a “few good men”, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”, which is a big reason why our Society has become what it is.

                            The guts and the strength of this young lady from the Middle East, that was shot in the head from the Taliban, then through the miracle of God, she has fought back to live her life and still voice her voice, shows without a doubt what the Nobel Peace prize is all about. This young lady deserved that prize over all other’s and because the officials that hand out this award, didn’t want to offend the Taliban, shows that they need to think long and hard about resigning their position. This also shows that the fear of the Taliban and not knowing where the next bomb will go off, is affecting the actions of our everyday lives, instead of showing our fear of them, we need to stand up to them, show them we are stronger than all of them and they will cower away, like the true cowards they truly are,

                              This “political correct” Society needs to change, so we can get back to a Society of happiness and strength, because we are afraid of offending others, it has turned our Society into a Society of weakness, just because you are afraid of the truth and don’t want to put in the hard work it takes to live life the right way, please do not drag down those around you, that do live the right way and have dignity and respect, the Nobel Peace prize was once a very prestigious award, that was held in very high regard, it needs to get back to that, as do all of us need to change, so our Society can be one of strength, instead of one that is weak with false hope.


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