The Turtle’s shell we all share

                            We in this Society have come to make fun of other’s, or other things, in order to make light of our own situation, we may tend to laugh at a turtle, for how it looks, or the fact of how slow it is, but deep inside that hard shell of the turtle, do you really think it cares what we think?

                             What we tend to overlook about that turtle, is the fact that we to have a strong shell around us as well to some degree, whatever our past has brought to us, or what life event we may have suffered, we have built this solid shell around us, to protect us from further harm, just like that old quote, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, when we just look at the shell of the turtle, we then objectify that turtle, instead of seeing it for what it really is, a living breatheing animal, that God created as he did us as well.

                              When we look at something, or someone and objectify what we see, should be a sign we need to see, like the fact we have no Empathy towards anything that may cross our paths, this does not mean we are bad people, just means we need to pay more attention to ourselves, fix what is wrong, so we can move forward and treat those around us as we want to be treated, Empathy is something this Society in general does not do enough of, if we had more empathy, than all the hatred would disappear, as we find that treating other’s as we would want to be treated, then our Society would be full of love and happiness.

                                 God created the Turtle with a shell, so it can protect itself from harm, we build our own shell around us, to protect ourselves from harm as well, but as the turtle moves around the earth, his shell is part of their being and to him it is like his skin, the shell we build around us, is not part of our being, it is something we put up after a life event, that has harmed us greatly and to further protect ourselves, we build a shell that unfortunately does more harm then it is intended to do.

                               The shell of the Turtle might be seen with our eyes, the shell we put up to protect ourselves, is not seen by anybody, it is just our own way of pulling back from Society and developing our own little world, that to us is a safe zone, that we think will protect us from further harm, but in reality, it just delays the effects of the life event to a later date and the time in between, usually gets filled with other life events and compounds, when if we just addressed each life event as it happened, we then do not have to build any shell and just be our true self’s, than the Turtle can be it’s own beautiful self and the only living breathing thing, that God created with a shell.


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