2013/2014 Boston Bruins

                            I have been “Bleeding Black and Gold” of the Boston Bruins all my life, Hockey has been my favorite sport of which I had the privalidge to play also, I have also been blessed to witness three Stanley cup championships, from my favorite team, the Boston Bruins.

                             Thoughout my life, I have seen many differant teams in which the Bruins put on the ice, to compete for the Championship, now the Stanley cup has a history of it’s own and is the most prestigous  trophy, of all the sports and the hardest to win also, you very seldom unlike other sports, will see one team win consecutive championships, it’s been done only three times in my life, N.Y. Islander’s (4), Edmonton Oiler’s (5 out of 6), Detroit red wings (2), hockey is a very fast game, of which most don’t watch, cause they can’t follow the action and those that  don’t understand, think the game is too violent, Hockey is basically a game of take away, where those on the ice are trying to take the puck, make a play to put the puck behind the Goalie for a score, you have skates on and are constantly moving your legs for speed, to out skate your opponent, so you can keep the puck from the other Team.

                            Since Cam Neely has become the President of the Boston Bruins, this team has been very competitive and makes a serious run for the cup each year, Cam’s finger prints are all over this team, as this team is very much like he himself when he played the game, they are all smart player’s, very passionate, with good hockey sense and very physical, as they wear down their opponents, now Hockey is a long season, you will never have a perfect season, so how you lose each game , is a testiment to the coaching staff and the player’s,  to be a true championship team, you need the player’s to buy in to the system of the coaching staff, Claude Julien with his Defense first system and the core player’s of this team, have bought into this, which they have won Lord’s Stanley Cup in 2011 and also made another cup run in 2013, but fell a tad short in this one, I can’t forget the G.M. Peter Chirelli as well in this, as he is the Conductor of this team, like the conductor leads the Orchestra, Chirelli gets the best player’s, that would be a perfect fit for the sytem of the coaching staff and who will wear the spoked “B” proudly.

                               One of the leader’s of the Bruins on the ice is Patrice Burrgeron, the best two way player in the game, but he is very humble and has a team first mentality, which has become very infectious throughout the entire team, each one of the Bruins has each other’s back at all times, which makes for a winning chemistry, you see this in this year’s Boston Red Sox, as they are a very likeable team that don’t quit and you never know who will step up each game, this Red Sox team is a special one and I strongly think they will win the World Series this year.

                                Both the Bruins and the Red Sox, have taken the city of Boston on their backs, showing the entire Nation, what #bostonstrong means, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, this was a terrible time for the city, which these two teams have responded to in a way that unified an entire city, both these two teams have also showed that, when you play the game the right way, good things will happen, unlike all the fantasy teams and the gambeling, which brings out the hatred, these two teams have showed that through sports, you can bring out good and happiness, that when we all do it the right way, we to can be rewarded with good and happiness, which not only makes us stronger, but makes our entire Society stronger.

            May the slogan of #bostonstrong become infectious, to, #Americastrong and #societystrong so we all can live in peace, love, happiness and good, throughout all our lives, as we all walk our journies of life.


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