Socialism kills all good within a growing society

                            We within this all about me Society, only care of things that happen to ourselves and don’t care of what happens to other’s, this only shows that we are a Society of low Empathy of each other.

                             When you look back into history, you can see what a society of socialism, like during the Hitler days, brings to all of us, it was a time that if you went against Hitler and his ways, you were tortured and put to death, this was a very bad time for all, especially the Jews, it was a time in which the government was in control of everything and everyone, this is a road that we in America are heading down, the signs are there, will it happen? Probally not, as we Americans are strong, but right now we are in an all about me society and unless we change and show more empathy of each other, it could be a road that will bring much pain to each and every one of us.

                             Socialism is all about control, not just controling a country, but controling it’s people as well, people that have the know how to make it work, like a George Soros and has the money to see it through, also know how to brainwash other’s in believing in his ways, George has done this to other Countries and is now trying to do this with America, this is why we need to change our ways, end this all about me Society, show more empathy of each other, so we can all stand together as one, when we do this, there is nothing or anyone that will defeat us.

                              God created each of us, we are similar and unique in our own way, but over time our uniqueness is what’s forceing us against each other, we need to fix ourselves from all that hurts us, so we can get back love, happiness and strength, with this and showing true empathy of each other, these ones or groups that try to destroy us from within, will disappear and all the hatred will disappear with it, Socialism never works, just look back in history and you will see for yourself.

**************** “The deeper you look back, the farther you will see in front” ************************



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