12 championship Teams in my lifetime

                              First of all, I would like to say congratulations, to the 2013 World Series Champions Boston Red sox, for a season of great enjoyment, by a team first mentality and a never quit attitude, there is a lesson there, not just in sports, but in life as well.

                              I myself and maybe other’s in my generation, around the Boston area, have been fortunate enough to witness twelve Championships, three each by all the four major sports teams in Boston, the Boston Bruins, the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics.

                              This day and age of free agency in sports, this is a hard accomplishment to get to, but none the less I am lucky to witness twelve of them and each one just gets better all the time, with each one special in their own way, with that said, this championship of the Red Sox, I would say is the most special, in the event of the tradgedy of the marathon, with the new slogan of #bostonstrong this team really took it apon itself, to show just what this slogan really means and that is, the unification of a City, showing that you may knock us down, but you will never stop us from moving forward.

                                We in this region of the United States, have been blessed and spoiled in the last ten years, with all these great teams that have given this City of Boston all of it’s championships, when other regions can’t even get to the dance sort of speak, plus having all four teams of their sport and the fact that some may be in a rebuild stage, their is always one of them putting on a show for the great true Boston sport fan and after a tradgedy that the City went through, we had the Bruins going to the Stanley Cup Finals and the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series, this not only gave us a great show, but also helped heal from the pain as we moved forward, in our lives.

                                We are very lucky in this region, to have great teams in all four major sports and showing that sports is alot more then the stupid betting and negativity that surrounds it, let’s learn the from these teams and bring a no quit attitude to our lives and move forward stronger and better than ever, #bostonstrong to all.


Who are we

                              We are Sinners. In the eyes of  the Lord God, we all at one time or another, along our journey of life, have done or said something in which we would like to do over.

                               We are also Human Beings, as a Human Being we also make mistakes, but instead of admitting to our mistakes, we then point out the mistakes of other’s, so ours will go unnoticed, when we hear gossip about other’s, we then automatically are quick to judge, without even knowing the whole truth, then keep the gossip going, this is just being a Human, but in the eyes of God, we are also sinner’s.

                                 We all want to look perfect in the eyes of others, but to do this we have to hide our mistakes, then highlight those of others and  in our own minds, think we are on a higher pedestal than other Humans, in reality at the end of our journey, the only pedestal, would be the one we walk on the our journey of life, as we rise up to our God  ourselves.

                                  Who are we? We are Sinners, we are Human, we all make mistakes, so let us unite, not just to co-exsist with each other, but to be happy with love , throughout our Journey of Life,  



Outwit the Bully

                              A Bully is a person that inflicts fear in other’s, so they can look powerful to all, to hide their own personal problems, instead of trying to fix them.

                              To a Bully, when they inflict this fear and make us do things we don’t want to, this gives the Bully complete control over us and eventually all those in which become the victim of the Bully, when we become overwhelmed with fear, we then lose sight of who we really are, become lost with our thoughts and try to hide these feelings, by becoming something in which we are not.

                              Meanwhile the Bully is laughing at us and making us feel like we are not worthy, we think no matter what we do, it is not good enough, which brings our self esteem so low, that it becomes almost non exsistent, we think that there is something wrong with ourselves and why is this Bully harming me? So we then try to hide our true feelings and emotions and become something that is not what we truely are, this is a way for our subconcious to put us in a safe place, but it is also shows that we let the Bully win in controlling our lives.

                               A Bully can come from many ways in our lives, it can be another person, that puts fear in us, in order for them to control us, it can be in the form of a Government, that puts things in place, that does nothing but control the way we live our lives, or it can be an organization like the Taliban, that inflicts fear in all of us, from every walk of life, so they can control all of  us, so we will see their sick and twisted views.

                               A Bully is nothing but a person, or a group of Individuals, that do nothing but put fear in us, so they can have complete control of us, all while hiding who they really are and hiding their own situatioin and life’s problems, the way we deal with this is, stand up to this Bully, while looking straight in their eyes and calling them out, by taking our fear and putting it right on them, this will make the Bully cower away, like the real coward they are, Bullies have been around in each of our generations, instead of standing up to them, we have been suppressing them as well as parts of ourselves, to ease the pain of their exsistence and trying to hide the harm they have caused, it’s time we as a society come clean, so we can end all this hatred and live within happiness, love, strength and good will.


Leadership Qualities

                              A true Leader is one that guides other’s and seeks no attention, does so in a quiet manner, as to not create a stir, also gains the respect of others without even thinking about it.

                              When it comes to the Government of the USA, there are no true leader’s, as a true leader would know how to work with anybody, regardless of what party you are in, whether Republican or Democrat, it’s not about you and your party, it’s about doing the job you were voted in to do, I blame all individuals no matter what party your affiliated with, for the mess and the shutdown of the Government, if you really cared of each and every person of the United States and weren’t so blind as to only think of yourself, we may have a good leader, that would cross the party lines, so this mess of the Government would be avoided, a real leader sets the example, for the other’s to follow.

                               A real leader does not take to a public forum and calls out other’s to get their message across, instead they stay behind the scenes, chat individually with each party and comes to a solution, that is best for the job they are trying to do, a real leader puts the welfare of other’s above themselves and does not expect anything in return, right now in our Government we have none of this, hence we have no true leader within our Government.

                                You want to see a true Leader, look no further than Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins, he shows up, takes to the ice and leads by example, then expects nothing back for it, very quiet individual, which now has the respect of all in the league of hockey.

                                 Another true Leader is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, what he is doing this year with a whole new recieving core, which are all rookies and doing so by leading from example, whether on game day, practice day, or a day off, Tom always and quietly leads his team, to which he never asks anything from them.

                                 Sports is not just about the gambeling, which breeds nothing but hatred, if we just relax, watch our favorite team and enjoy the ride of their success, we to can learn how to become a good leader in life and not step on another man’s shoeshine.

                                  After the tradgedy in the city of Boston, the true leader’s shined even brighter, as all the first responders reacted without word, the term #bostonstrong was formed and those who created it, looked not to profit from it, instead donated all the funds to the one fund, the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox, showed this true leadership also, as they took the whole city on their backs, to unite them once again, as they went on to have great success in their sport.

                                  We do live in a great Society, there are true Leader’s out there, except we do not have them in our Government, or this shut down would not have happened and our economy would not be as bad as it is, the time is now, to step up to the plate and become the good leader, this Country expected of you, when you were first voted in to office.

                                  Great Leaders lead, without expecting anything in return, Shane Victorino of the Boston Red Sox, is a good leader in the club house, he just got rewarded with a winning grand slam, to move his team into the World Series, this only shows when good leaders lead and do so quietly, they do get rewarded with good, where not only he benefits from, but his teammates have also been rewarded.


A Defineing moment in time

                              We all suffer a Life event, at one time or another in our life’s exsistence, but what we can’t do is, let it define who we become on our Journey of life.

                               God created each and every one of us that walk this planet, he did not create us, to have hatred of everyone/everything that we may encounter on our journey, as we walk our paths of our journey, life is hard enough to stay on track and do it the right way, but when these life events happen to us, it makes it that much harder, to walk that journey. These life events sometimes knock us to the ground, but that don’t mean to ever quit, it means we need to fight that much harder, to get up, so we can continue our journey on the path, it is a way for God to test us, so he can see if we are ready to continue on the plan he has set forth for us.

                              No one can ever say they have glided through life unscathed, if they did then they are either hiding something, or have cheated themselves out of living life the right way, life has many twists and turns, that if we are not ready, it will suck us into the deep black hole, that will keep us falling, until we correct what is wrong, so we than can continue our journey and walk our path with confidence and strength.

                                Life has many twists and turns, many temptations and life events, it is how we react to them that defines how we become, there is no event in which we can not conquor, we just need to pick up all the pieces of our lives, sort them out, piece them together, like the jigsaw puzzle of life, so we can move forward on the path of our journey, with confidence and strength and not let it define us, into the Abyss of the black hole of life.


Boston Sports is alive and kicking

 Yes I am an avid Boston sports fan, with my number one team being the Boston Bruins, 2nd being the New England Patriots and third the Boston Red Sox, as far as Basketball……well we will leave that for another blog.

                               In this present time, it is an awesome time for all of us true Boston sports fans, with a very sad time in the Boston marathon bombings in our past, we have a saying here in Boston now and that is #bostonstrong. The Bruins were the front runners of this last season, with all they did at the Garden for all those involved in this tradgic event, then going to the Stanley Cup finals and coming just shy of their 2nd cup in three years, really energized an entire city, showing just what #bostonstrong really means.

                               You also have the Red Sox, who was just starting their season and they to did alot for those involved in the tradgic event, which their season is still going, as they to are deep in their playoffs, going for the title, like the Bruins did, all in the name of #bostonstrong. This Team the Red Sox is a special team, as they have been showing this all season, by how they finished last year to how they finished this season, with their no quit mentality, they to like the Bruins are showing what #bostonstrong really means.

                               We can’t forget the New England Patriots in this mix, as they to have done alot for those involved in the tradgic event, with Brady as the Quarterback and Belichek as the coach and a good part of the offense all new names and rookies at that, but yet they are 5 and 1 in their young season, the way they have been winning, with a no quit attitude, also showing what the term #bostonstrong really means, shows just how team oriented they are.

                                After a day like we had yesterday in Boston sports, with a clutch touchdown pass from Brady, to Thompkins, with 5 seconds left on the clock to win the game, then later that night with the Red Sox down 5 to 0 and starting a comeback and a Big Papi grand slam homerun, to tie the game, finished by Salty hitting a clutch single to bring in a walk off winning run, to win the game 6 to 5, was one of the most memorable days in my life as a Boston sports fan and further proves that #bostonstrong is still alive and kicking, that energizes the entire city.

                                With these three Teams doing what they are doing and bringing an entire city back to life, after such a tradgic event, showing all other’s in the rest of the Country, that even after a tradgedy, if you never give up and keep fighting, you can overcome anything you set your mind to, we as fans are witnessing a special time right now and what we can do, is show our support of them as we sit back and enjoy the ride.

                                Go Bruins…………. Go Patriots…………….. Go Red Sox, make us all proud as you make yourselves proud, while showing what #bostonstrong really means and energizing an entire city and beyond.

The Nobel Peace Prize

                           The Nobel Peace Prize, I can remember as a kid, this was a very prestigious award, a recipient of this award was held in very high regard, as he/she has achieved a great accomplishment, that the whole World has or will have benefitted from, when it came to this award it was a great resume boost, to anyone that could add it to their own.

                            Over the last 5+ years, this awards noteriety has diminshed greatly, the ones that hand out this award, have been doing so, like handing out candy in a candy store, it seems like they to have been caught up in this “political correct” Society in which we live today, everybody is so afraid of offending somebody, that all the hard work and respect is sucked right out of our society today, each and every one of us are to blame for this, just like Jack Nicholson said in a “few good men”, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”, which is a big reason why our Society has become what it is.

                            The guts and the strength of this young lady from the Middle East, that was shot in the head from the Taliban, then through the miracle of God, she has fought back to live her life and still voice her voice, shows without a doubt what the Nobel Peace prize is all about. This young lady deserved that prize over all other’s and because the officials that hand out this award, didn’t want to offend the Taliban, shows that they need to think long and hard about resigning their position. This also shows that the fear of the Taliban and not knowing where the next bomb will go off, is affecting the actions of our everyday lives, instead of showing our fear of them, we need to stand up to them, show them we are stronger than all of them and they will cower away, like the true cowards they truly are,

                              This “political correct” Society needs to change, so we can get back to a Society of happiness and strength, because we are afraid of offending others, it has turned our Society into a Society of weakness, just because you are afraid of the truth and don’t want to put in the hard work it takes to live life the right way, please do not drag down those around you, that do live the right way and have dignity and respect, the Nobel Peace prize was once a very prestigious award, that was held in very high regard, it needs to get back to that, as do all of us need to change, so our Society can be one of strength, instead of one that is weak with false hope.


The Turtle’s shell we all share

                            We in this Society have come to make fun of other’s, or other things, in order to make light of our own situation, we may tend to laugh at a turtle, for how it looks, or the fact of how slow it is, but deep inside that hard shell of the turtle, do you really think it cares what we think?

                             What we tend to overlook about that turtle, is the fact that we to have a strong shell around us as well to some degree, whatever our past has brought to us, or what life event we may have suffered, we have built this solid shell around us, to protect us from further harm, just like that old quote, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, when we just look at the shell of the turtle, we then objectify that turtle, instead of seeing it for what it really is, a living breatheing animal, that God created as he did us as well.

                              When we look at something, or someone and objectify what we see, should be a sign we need to see, like the fact we have no Empathy towards anything that may cross our paths, this does not mean we are bad people, just means we need to pay more attention to ourselves, fix what is wrong, so we can move forward and treat those around us as we want to be treated, Empathy is something this Society in general does not do enough of, if we had more empathy, than all the hatred would disappear, as we find that treating other’s as we would want to be treated, then our Society would be full of love and happiness.

                                 God created the Turtle with a shell, so it can protect itself from harm, we build our own shell around us, to protect ourselves from harm as well, but as the turtle moves around the earth, his shell is part of their being and to him it is like his skin, the shell we build around us, is not part of our being, it is something we put up after a life event, that has harmed us greatly and to further protect ourselves, we build a shell that unfortunately does more harm then it is intended to do.

                               The shell of the Turtle might be seen with our eyes, the shell we put up to protect ourselves, is not seen by anybody, it is just our own way of pulling back from Society and developing our own little world, that to us is a safe zone, that we think will protect us from further harm, but in reality, it just delays the effects of the life event to a later date and the time in between, usually gets filled with other life events and compounds, when if we just addressed each life event as it happened, we then do not have to build any shell and just be our true self’s, than the Turtle can be it’s own beautiful self and the only living breathing thing, that God created with a shell.


2013/2014 Boston Bruins

                            I have been “Bleeding Black and Gold” of the Boston Bruins all my life, Hockey has been my favorite sport of which I had the privalidge to play also, I have also been blessed to witness three Stanley cup championships, from my favorite team, the Boston Bruins.

                             Thoughout my life, I have seen many differant teams in which the Bruins put on the ice, to compete for the Championship, now the Stanley cup has a history of it’s own and is the most prestigous  trophy, of all the sports and the hardest to win also, you very seldom unlike other sports, will see one team win consecutive championships, it’s been done only three times in my life, N.Y. Islander’s (4), Edmonton Oiler’s (5 out of 6), Detroit red wings (2), hockey is a very fast game, of which most don’t watch, cause they can’t follow the action and those that  don’t understand, think the game is too violent, Hockey is basically a game of take away, where those on the ice are trying to take the puck, make a play to put the puck behind the Goalie for a score, you have skates on and are constantly moving your legs for speed, to out skate your opponent, so you can keep the puck from the other Team.

                            Since Cam Neely has become the President of the Boston Bruins, this team has been very competitive and makes a serious run for the cup each year, Cam’s finger prints are all over this team, as this team is very much like he himself when he played the game, they are all smart player’s, very passionate, with good hockey sense and very physical, as they wear down their opponents, now Hockey is a long season, you will never have a perfect season, so how you lose each game , is a testiment to the coaching staff and the player’s,  to be a true championship team, you need the player’s to buy in to the system of the coaching staff, Claude Julien with his Defense first system and the core player’s of this team, have bought into this, which they have won Lord’s Stanley Cup in 2011 and also made another cup run in 2013, but fell a tad short in this one, I can’t forget the G.M. Peter Chirelli as well in this, as he is the Conductor of this team, like the conductor leads the Orchestra, Chirelli gets the best player’s, that would be a perfect fit for the sytem of the coaching staff and who will wear the spoked “B” proudly.

                               One of the leader’s of the Bruins on the ice is Patrice Burrgeron, the best two way player in the game, but he is very humble and has a team first mentality, which has become very infectious throughout the entire team, each one of the Bruins has each other’s back at all times, which makes for a winning chemistry, you see this in this year’s Boston Red Sox, as they are a very likeable team that don’t quit and you never know who will step up each game, this Red Sox team is a special one and I strongly think they will win the World Series this year.

                                Both the Bruins and the Red Sox, have taken the city of Boston on their backs, showing the entire Nation, what #bostonstrong means, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, this was a terrible time for the city, which these two teams have responded to in a way that unified an entire city, both these two teams have also showed that, when you play the game the right way, good things will happen, unlike all the fantasy teams and the gambeling, which brings out the hatred, these two teams have showed that through sports, you can bring out good and happiness, that when we all do it the right way, we to can be rewarded with good and happiness, which not only makes us stronger, but makes our entire Society stronger.

            May the slogan of #bostonstrong become infectious, to, #Americastrong and #societystrong so we all can live in peace, love, happiness and good, throughout all our lives, as we all walk our journies of life.


Socialism kills all good within a growing society

                            We within this all about me Society, only care of things that happen to ourselves and don’t care of what happens to other’s, this only shows that we are a Society of low Empathy of each other.

                             When you look back into history, you can see what a society of socialism, like during the Hitler days, brings to all of us, it was a time that if you went against Hitler and his ways, you were tortured and put to death, this was a very bad time for all, especially the Jews, it was a time in which the government was in control of everything and everyone, this is a road that we in America are heading down, the signs are there, will it happen? Probally not, as we Americans are strong, but right now we are in an all about me society and unless we change and show more empathy of each other, it could be a road that will bring much pain to each and every one of us.

                             Socialism is all about control, not just controling a country, but controling it’s people as well, people that have the know how to make it work, like a George Soros and has the money to see it through, also know how to brainwash other’s in believing in his ways, George has done this to other Countries and is now trying to do this with America, this is why we need to change our ways, end this all about me Society, show more empathy of each other, so we can all stand together as one, when we do this, there is nothing or anyone that will defeat us.

                              God created each of us, we are similar and unique in our own way, but over time our uniqueness is what’s forceing us against each other, we need to fix ourselves from all that hurts us, so we can get back love, happiness and strength, with this and showing true empathy of each other, these ones or groups that try to destroy us from within, will disappear and all the hatred will disappear with it, Socialism never works, just look back in history and you will see for yourself.

**************** “The deeper you look back, the farther you will see in front” ************************