12 championship Teams in my lifetime

                              First of all, I would like to say congratulations, to the 2013 World Series Champions Boston Red sox, for a season of great enjoyment, by a team first mentality and a never quit attitude, there is a lesson there, not just in sports, but in life as well.                               I myself and maybe other’s

Who are we

                              We are Sinners. In the eyes of  the Lord God, we all at one time or another, along our journey of life, have done or said something in which we would like to do over.                                We are also Human Beings, as a Human Being we also make mistakes, but instead of admitting to our mistakes,

Outwit the Bully

                              A Bully is a person that inflicts fear in other’s, so they can look powerful to all, to hide their own personal problems, instead of trying to fix them.                               To a Bully, when they inflict this fear and make us do things we don’t want to, this gives the Bully complete control over us

Leadership Qualities

                              A true Leader is one that guides other’s and seeks no attention, does so in a quiet manner, as to not create a stir, also gains the respect of others without even thinking about it.                               When it comes to the Government of the USA, there are no true leader’s, as a true leader

A Defineing moment in time

                              We all suffer a Life event, at one time or another in our life’s exsistence, but what we can’t do is, let it define who we become on our Journey of life.                                God created each and every one of us that walk this planet, he did not create us, to have hatred of everyone/everything

Boston Sports is alive and kicking

 Yes I am an avid Boston sports fan, with my number one team being the Boston Bruins, 2nd being the New England Patriots and third the Boston Red Sox, as far as Basketball……well we will leave that for another blog.                                In this present time, it is an awesome time for all of us true

The Nobel Peace Prize

                           The Nobel Peace Prize, I can remember as a kid, this was a very prestigious award, a recipient of this award was held in very high regard, as he/she has achieved a great accomplishment, that the whole World has or will have benefitted from, when it came to this award it was a great resume

2013/2014 Boston Bruins

                            I have been “Bleeding Black and Gold” of the Boston Bruins all my life, Hockey has been my favorite sport of which I had the privalidge to play also, I have also been blessed to witness three Stanley cup championships, from my favorite team, the Boston Bruins.                              Thoughout my life, I have seen many

Socialism kills all good within a growing society

                            We within this all about me Society, only care of things that happen to ourselves and don’t care of what happens to other’s, this only shows that we are a Society of low Empathy of each other.                              When you look back into history, you can see what a society of socialism, like during

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