What’s in a Goverment shutdown

                            With all this chat on Obamacare and the threatening of Government shutting down, clearly shows that we have no true leaders, that are suppose to be leading the people of the United States.

                            You can clearly see that each member of the two parties are acting on their own interests, instead of the interests of the American people, we have a President that takes to the Media, to call out members of Congress and the Senate, excuse me for noticeing, but this method does nothing but create bitterness towards other’s, just like in our jobs, when someone is called out in front of other’s, that person will rebel, which wiil make the situation even worse, when you pull that person aside and discuss in detail, in a civilized manner, than that person will see your side and will then help to try to implement the precedings of whatever the subject is, this method also shows lack of leadership in a huge way.

                              Our fore Father’s, that worked very hard to build and make America the best and strongest Nation on this Planet, are turning in their graves, as they can’t believe how America has turned out and can’t believe that our so called leaders don’t know how to lead, our fore Father’s also showed us that when we work together in harmony, their is nothing we can not do, but like today, when everybody is against each other and are only acting in their own best interests, than everything we do becomes that much harder to achieve and only breeds more bitterness and hatred of each other.

                               You can clearly see, that it’s not just happening in America, if you listen to the World news, you can see that all the other Countries are struggling with poor leadership as well, we elect these so called leaders, cause they tell us what we want to hear, so they can get the votes, then once they are elected, they forget those words, only to act in the interests of themselves.

                               The time is now for the American people, to see right through the “Power Game” that those in Government have been accustomed to, so when the next election cycle comes around, we the People make a better imformed and smarter choice, so we can have people that actually work for the people of America, for the good of America, which will than lead us to a stronger Society, that is full of happiness and love and help get rid of all the hatred and bitterness we live in right now.


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