The end is not the end, it’s only a new beginning

                            We all in our lives go through times when things come to an end, but what we tend to take for granted, or even over look, is that it is not the ending of something, it is the start of a new beginning.

                             Sometimes when we walk our Journies of life, things don’t last like our materialistic toys, or our jobs and sometimes our comfy ways of life, we way too often take for granted all that we have and fear any thought of it ending, but unfortunately things do come to an end, but what is ending is really a new beginning in our lives.

                              This new beginning is really something in which we fear, what we fear the most is change, cause it is an unknown for us, change when done correctly is the best thing for us, it gives us a chance to start over and fix all that is wrong within ourselves, so we can be better and stronger and have the confidence to succeed in the future.

                               Change for some, is the most scariest thing in life, which makes us keep trying to continue, even though the ending is right in front of us, we tend to stay stuck in the status quo, to protect ourselves from further harm, this harm may have happened early in our lives, which  makes it a life event, that we try to forget and suppress, but it will be always with us, until we learn to end what we need to, so we then can start a new beginning, this change we need to make, let’s us not fear the good within that change, so we can than start the new beginning with confidence, as this will make our future better and stronger.

                              The ending is not really the ending, as it becomes the beginning, when we get over our fear of change, so we than can move on into the future, better and stronger with true happiness, the rest of our Journey through life.




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