Simplistic or materialistic

                            When God sent his only son, the Lord Jesus, to walk his journey, much like each of us walk our journies, he did so with only the clothes on his back, to show us, that we don’t need the materialistic things in our lives, as these are nothing but just to give us comfort and no more, when that day comes? yes we will all face the day when we will be dismissed from our journies we walk, we can’t take the material things with us, so all the anger, frustration and hatred we show toward each other over greed, really makes no sense, all the corporations that want us to buy their products, for big money, than turn around and hire us for peanuts, only shows how we have no middle class no more, it’s the poor and the wealthy.

                              All this was going on over 3,000 years ago and still goes on today, you would think we would of learned by now, that greed only breeds hatred and we will never be truely happy, even if we have all the materialistic things, so when Jesus came here with his simplistic ways and spreading love, I geuss we never really listened or paid attention to him, cause we were to caught up in the greed and trying to get all the power over our fellow Man.

                               We are all guilty in this Society, of wanting the big house, nice cars, a boat etc… We do this alot of times by stepping over anybody or anything that gets in our way, we also want power over anything we can as well, but unfortunately when we get all these things, we then wonder why we are even sadder than when we first started out this mission and are lonely with no one to share it with? Jesus proved that the greed and the power will defeat us eventually, as we will defeat ourselves trying to get it all, but if we just walk our journies in simplistic ways, spreading love from ourselves, towards all in which we meet and live life the right way, that God had envisioned for us, we will all be happy and spreading this happiness everywhere we go, then when that day comes to each of us and only God knows that day, we then will be ready with a smile, with no worries of our materialistic things.

                                Right now the Corporate World has all the power and money over all the people in this Society, they hire us for peanuts and charge us big money for their products, the best way to combat the corporate world, is for all of us to get back to our simplictic ways, not buy their products anymore, no matter how much they entice us, while doing this, we also need to show our love of one another, so when the corporate playing field becomes even, we than can live in a world of happiness, as our love of one another will become stronger and form a bond even stronger, which will help us on our journies, to lessan the hurdles we overcome daily.

                                  Simplistic is real and makes us appreciate everything we have, materialistic is fake and forces us to become something, or someone in which we are not, right now we are in a materialistic Society and we need to get back to a simplstic Society, so we can spread the love and be truely happy in our lives.


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