Owning up to our actions not trying to hide them

                            Most of us have heard the news of, an ex-football player, away from his home and finding out of teenagers partying and damageing within his home, his son made him aware of this, from live posts being made on social media, approximately $20,000 in damages have been done, since all this the ex-player wants justice to be served on these teens and wants them to own up to it, so he started a website, showing all the footage of the action of the teens, along with pixs of faces, with hopes of the teens owning up to their actions?

                             Since the websight has gone viral, the parents of the teens are threatening with a lawsuit, cause they say this will affect their childs chances of going to college? What about the ex-football player, is he supposed to just pay out of pocket for all the damage, just for a few teens who have no responsibility and show no cares for anything except having a good time? This is exactly what is wrong with our Society today.

                              We all have our issues, we all have our problems, it’s when we hide these issues and problems, that we bring further harm to ourselves and all those around us, if we only took care of our actions, instead of trying to hide them, then our futures would be alot happier, when we let our actions go unnoticed, we are only compounding our problems for a later date, taking care of our actions as they happen, shows that we are responsible and have empathy for those around us, when we try to hide our actions, all we are doing is shaming ourselves further, which does nothing but showing a feeling of low self worth or self esteem.

                             Self Esteem is inside all of us, it effects us all in many different ways, some may go into seclusion and do not want to be around anybody, other’s may show it in their actions, then try to hide it after the fact, to keep from feeling shamed and further hurt, but non the less Self Esteem is a very powerful feeling within all of us, that if we let it, it will control our lives and make us do things that we will regret later, which makes owning up to our actions and not trying to hide them, so very important for all of us to have high self esteem, stay in control of ourselves, so we all can live within Society with happiness and love.


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