Being aware and noticeing the little things

                           We in this Society, do not take the time to notice what is in front of our faces anymore, about two years ago, the show 20/20 did a story on the company FedEx, they wanted to know if people noticed the arrow in the word FedEx on all the trucks? A very high percentage said, they did not notice it, til it was brought to their attention? This shows that we in this Society, have become a Society of, only taking care of what other’s see in us, so we look perfect in the eyes of others, instead of trying to notice all that is around us, so we can try to live our lives the right way, noticeing all the little things that effect our lives in the present, so our lives moving forward, will bring us much happiness.

                              Some of us may be fortunate enough to live a healthy, long and good life, but the majority of us go through some issues with health and other live event issues, which unfortunatly, our lives are cut short? While we are here living our lives, it is only in our best interest to do it right, show much love of not just ourselves, but of other’s, also notice all the little things that are right in front of our faces, which eventually add up to big things, that sometimes bring us trouble throughout our lives and when we take care of the little things before they get bigger, this makes us happier and stronger throughout our entire life.

                               We as Individuals, are sometimes our own worst enemies, we put things off for another day, only to never face them anymore, so we can try to keep from being hurt, but unfortunatly we not only hurt ourselves by doing this, we hurt all those around us and this “Political Correct” Society of today, nobody ever tells us we are hurting them, all they do is alienate us, then make excuses why they never come around us anymore? Yes the truth hurts, but sometimes it needs to be said, so not only we can fix ourselves, but all other Individuals in this Society can be fixed as well, so we can be a Society of happiness and good, instead of a Society of bad and hatred.


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