As the Season of Fall approaches

 The season of fall is the most prettiest time of the year,

 with this season the days become much shorter,

 the days are still warm yet the nights become brisk,

 as the weather changes to cool winter is around the corner,

 with this season of fall the leaves on the tree’s get vibrant with color,

 its also the season where all the country fairs are open without further risk, 

 as the leaves turn colors and sparkle with the sunlight…it makes for a great picture,

 as we say bye to one season the next season approaches as we change our gear.




 God created the seasons for us to enjoy and except change,

 with the changeing of the seasons it brings us a different outlook,

 the bright colors of the fall shows us that even the leaves die in the cold,

 the branches become bare for the winter then reborn in the spring with new life,

 when the weather gets colder its a good time to stay in with thought to write our book,

 every season brings its beauty and with each change its as rich as gold,

 the seasons are our bread and butter that we learn to spread with a knife,

 as the seasons gives us change we learn to adjust and prearrange.


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