The Problems of our Society we live and share

                           We all have a common bond and that is the Society in which we live. We all also share the responsibility to keep ourselves healthy in our physical, as well as mental state of minds.

                            With that said, we have seen alot of senseless killings of innocent Men and Woman recently, with the latest in Washington DC, at the Navy yard, before that those poor family’s of SandyHook, losing their children so soon, from a senseless act, because of this “all about me” Society in which we now live, we are neglecting a small majority, that are “emotionally distraught”, who because they are too lazy to fix themselves, they go out and do these senseless acts, they also do these senseless acts, because they want to out due the other “emotionally distraught” individuals and become a “rockstar” for a short time, as the media gives them this, with all the news channels talking nothing but the senseless acts.

                              We as Individuals in this Society, have our own problems and have certain life events happen to us, but what happens more often than we want to believe, is that instead of truely fixing what is wrong with ourselves, we suppress our true feelings and emotions, to protect ourselves from further harm, so we don’t have to show that we have a weakness, we then bring these problems, sometimes in the sub-concious mind to our Society and when all of us do this, with all that walk this planet, we then end up with more senseless acts than what a Society can handle.

                                I get the fact that the News Media is out their to make a buck, but the buck they make is at all of our expense within this Society, the media and all facets of the media, have over stepped what their job was meant to be, by creating so much drama, that they have turned this Society into a huge drama Society, we have become so addicted to this drama, that we have forgotten what really makes this Society tick and what makes it tick is, us as individuals being healthy in physical and mentally within our own minds.

                                To fix this Society, is to fix ourselves, when we fix ourselves than Society will feed off of that and even the “emotionally distraught” Individuals will no longer become what they have become, while we are fixing ourselves, the hatred we all have inside us, will disappear and be replaced with Love, which is a huge component of a healthy Individual, within a healthy Society, we will still have our differences, but with Love our differences will go so much smoother and bring great happiness to ourselves and our Society, when we are happy with love, than we will have the confidence to be stronger in anything we do, as we walk our Journies of life together.


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