The 2013 Boston Red Sox

                            The Boston Red sox of 2013, remind me of the New England Patriots of 2003, both of these teams are made up of individuals, that not only play the game right, but they are not even considered in the chit chat of the elite star players, let’s hope the Red Sox can finish like the Patriots did?

                             Both of these teams have a team first and a win as a team mentallity, they show up at the respected stadiums and work really hard to try to perfect their craft, from game to game, you never know who will step up for the good of the team, unlike other teams, who have one or two key guys, that fill up the individual stat sheets, you never see this on these two teams, cause it’s the whole team stepping up at different times, by a different individual each time, this is what makes these kind of teams so special and a joy to watch for us the fans.

                              What a difference a year makes for the Boston Red Sox, who a year ago didn’t make the playoffs and had a big implosion the last month of the season, during the off season, they signed a new Manager, had a blockbuster trade and added some more players piece by piece, these new additions they added not only are performing on the field, but are also great team guys in the locker room and are very likable for the fans to watch, Red Sox Nation is alive and kickin once again.

                                These Red Sox, like the Patriots of 2003, have a never quit attitude, even when they are down, they never give up, til the last second clicks off the clock, or the last out is in the books, these are great teams to watch, not only for their sport, but for us in our lives as well, no matter how much life kicks us down, we must always never give up, keep fighting til our last breathe, so we to can be a champion in life, when we watch our sports, we must look at it with open eyes and see the real messages it brings, not the fake ones like, the gambling issues, which brings out all the hatred when things don’t go our way, sport’s can be awesome for our Society, if we want them to be, we as individuals just have to see the good in them, instead of bringing out the bad and all the hatred.

                                 Good luck to the 2013 Boston Red Sox, may they bring it home just like the 2003 New England Patriots, keep playing the game the right way, for the good of the team and good things will happen for them, plus it will make the fans very happy as they enjoy what they are witnessing, good teamwork and win as a team mentallity goes along way in sports, plus no matter how much you are down, never quit, keep working hard til that last out and you will always be rewarded with good, as the same in our lives, never give up, keep fighting til our last breathe and we to will always be rewarded, with much happiness and the confidence to be strong throughout our lives, as we walk our Journey.


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