The past is the past it shouldn’t determine our future

                                   The past is done, it has been written, the future has not happened yet, which is why we should only “look back at the past, to see farther into the futue”.

                                    The past is done, true that we all have  bad choices we made back there, those choices we can not get back, but we can look back, learn were we went wrong, so we can make our future better with confidence.

                                     Alot of us get stuck in the past and never learn how to fix what is wrong, so we can move forward into the future, we have certain life events that happen to us, that we deal with, but because we are to proud, or shamed, we try to move on, without communicating properly, or asking for help, cause we do not want to admit our weakness, in this current Society in which we live, if we admit our weaknesses, than we are looked at as an outcast by other’s, then ridiculed to the point of shutting ourselves down, to protect ourselves from further harm, when we shut down, all we are doing is supressing our true feelings and emotions, so we can’t feel anything anymore, we push our situation aside as to forget it, instead of fixing what is wrong, but in reality all we are really doing is, putting ourselves through more harm than what we originally started with, so when the situation comes back in the future, it overwhelms us to the point of even more hurt, than what we felt, when the situation originally happened.

                                        With all the schools, colleges etc.. out there, there is no book for us to read for living our lives, as we walk our Journey of life, we learn as we go, we get to a crossroad we then make a choice as to which way to go, life on our journey is full of choices, sometimes we make good choices, sometimes we make bad choices, but these choices should not determine our future, they should only be used as a learning tool, for us to move further into the future, so we can be better and stronger on our journey of life.

                                          Sometimes we get stuck in the past, cause we are afraid of the unknown that the future holds, especially if the choices we made in the past, brought us great harm, which is why we should just “look at the past, to see farther into the future”, so we can learn from it, fix what was wrong, so we can move forward into the future with the confidence, to overcome any harm that may be at the crossroad of our journey, into the unkown that the future holds.

                                          Our journey through life is like doing accounting, it is full of checks and balences, first we need to check our path we take, so we can stay in balence with our journey, when we are in balence, there are less bumps and bruises, so our total in life will break even, when we are out of balence, the downs seem so far down, that we make it harder to climb the ups, which is why we need to take stock in our lives, from time to time check our assets, to see if they are good or bad, so we can than balence our lives and continue on in our journey into the future, with confidence and be better with all the crossroads, that we may encounter.


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