In Rememberence of 9/11

                            May the day September 11th 2001, never be forgotten throughout all generations to come on the soil of the United States of America.

                             On this day some warped individuals, that were trained and led by a warped group, decided to attack America from within, this warped group has only one agenda, that agenda is to kill as many as they can, to try to get all of us, to convert to their twisted beliefs, this same group also thinks that if they inflict fear in all of us, that we will give in to them, the best way to combat these individuals is, never show them fear and no matter what they do, never quit living and walking our journies of life, as this will show them that their twisted beliefs and scare tatics will never defeat us.

                                 I remember the morning of September 11th 2001, I woke up, walked into the kitchen to put on some coffee, then went into the living room and put on the news, just as the news came on, the first plane flew into the tower #1, my first thoughts were surreal, thought maybe I had the movie channel on, then when I realized what had happened, the second plane flew into the other tower, now I am thinking what the heck is happening in New York? As the news went on and we learned of the other two planes, I knew then we in this country of America were being attacked, something I thought in my lifetime, I would never see?

                                 There were many people on this day that perished, or were injured, some still suffering with losses and injuries from that tradgic day, may God bless all of you and may God bless the USA moving forward in our lives. America was, is and always will be, the greatest country on this planet. America is the land of oppurtunity, people will always come here from across the globe, for their chance of freedom and building their lives for the better, we will never let a few distraught individuals, change this, or even change what America stands for, just because they want to try to control not just America, but all the countries on this planet. 

                                  We all walk our journies of life, some may take different paths, but none the less we all walk our journies on this planet Earth, we all need to co-exsist together, while showing happiness and love of one another, it’s when we show our hatred of one another and become an “all about me” Society, that all the crap in our lives comes out, hatred and greed will kill us from the inside out, we all want the nice cars, big houses etc…etc…etc… but when we get it, at the cost of hatred and “all about me”, then who we going to share it with? as we did nothing but create lonliness for ourselves and hatred throughout our Society, now if we walked our journies showing the love of one another, while smiling and showing happiness, it doesn’t matter of the cars or the houses, now we are truely happy and spreading this happiness throughout our Society, so we all can share this love and happiness, instead of sharing this hatred that has infected our Society today, God created this Earth and all the people that walk it, with a vision we would all co-exsist and be happy, while showing our love of one another, it is time we show him our appreciation, by changing ourselves, so our Society will change for the better so we all can live in true happiness and love throughout this entire Planet.


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