The real Football season starts today

                            The Sports Media may have us believe pre-season is the real season? The real Football season starts today, for the next 16 weeks it’s win or go home, as each week comes, the better teams move to the front, the ok or average teams may hang around a bit, then the mediocre or the below average teams will fall to the bottom of the list.

                             You also have your Arm-chair Quarterbacks, these are the ones that know more then anybody about the game and when you give them facts, they don’t want to hear it, cause only they are right? We all want to be the coach of our favorite team, but reality says there is only one coach and he does his best to win each and every week, nobody wants to lose, not even the coach, but the reality is, there are two teams on the field and only one can win, the other has to accept a lose and yes that means the fans as well.

                             Football is a game of strategy, you run a series of plays, to develop a winning strategy on that day, now these plays need to be changed each and every week, as the opponent changes each week, which also means the strategy needs to change as well, to be able to have a winning strategy each week, you need all players to execute the plays to perfection by being on the same page for a full game.

                            Football is like life, the same strategies don’t always bring wins, you need to change from time to time, as in life, you hit a crossroad that makes you stumble, but when you accept that setback, change what needs to be changed, you can than move forward, with the confidence and strength, to get back on the right strategy, that brings you happiness and success.

                            Most of us use Football to place bets, have something to bicker or complain about, but what we tend to forget, we can also use football to help ourselves, by learning how to execute the plays of our lives, to the best of our abilities, so we to can have a winning strategy, life isn’t all winning all the time and we need to learn to lose as well, just like the losing team, so we can make our changes needed to be made, become stronger and have that winning strategy, than we can be happy in our lives, til that next crossroad comes along and challenges our strategy once again.


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