Within the World in which we live

                            In today’s Society, there is nothing anybody can do, that will not be seen by somebody somewhere.

                             The old words of, “big brother is watching” is so true today, with Law Enforcement all over the globe, special Military forces and the local media, there are camera’s everywhere, we are being watched like Hawks everywhere we go, with all this Intel, I am amazed that evil still tries to find ways around it, then you have the Media taking what Intel they can get a hold of and running a story with it, to do nothing but make money from it.

                            Now that the Media runs their stories and makes their money, all they are really achieving is, the creation of alot of Drama, in which we the people buy into. We haqve come to be “Great Dramatics” in our Society today, instead of dealing with our own issues, we turn to the drama of the Media, in order to surpress and forget what is more important to us and that is ourselves. What we should be forgeting is, the Media and the drama it creates, so we can turn to ourselves, fix what is wrong, so we then bring to Society, nothing but happiness and good.

                           We the people have let all this drama be created, by simply buying into it and having a craving for it, just look back in time, to a place where there was no media, no cell-phones, no computers or internet, we survived by fending for ourselves. I am willing to bet, the percentage will be high for people of today, that if they had to fend for themselves, they could not do it and not only that, they also couldn’t live in a time of lighting a fire for warmth and making candles to burn for light.

                            This is a sad time in our Society, when we have to lean on our Government or others to survive, those early settler’s to America were great leader’s, as they knew how to fend for themselves and they did it by example, which is a huge part of being a great leader, these leaders did not call out anybody, they showed you how to do something, then never asked for anything in return, a great leader does so very quietly, without bringing attention to themselves, but yet does a job the best he/she knows how. they didn’t need the Media to publicize what they were doing, as if they did it right, everybody would find out by word of mouth, then with that came the respect of all those around them.

                             There is a huge difference between the World of yesterday and the World of today, the best way we can change this today is, to fix ourselves, look back at our history to learn, so we can make our future better with happiness, when we are all happy, then our Society will be happy, without all the hatred and evil we have now.


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