Sometimes in Life

                            Sometimes in Life we don’t get what we want, things don’t go according to plan, certain life events happen to us that change our whole outlook in life, when we have good, we also have to deal with some bad, as it’s the bad that happens for a reason and it’s up to us, to find that reason, so we can fix what’s wrong and turn it into good, so we can move forward on our Journey, with strength and confidence, to overcome any and all obstacles that may cross our paths.

                             We in this Society have learned that when the bad happens, we blame other’s, because this wasn’t in our plan of life, or even worse, we tend to suppress our true feelings and emotions, in order to protect ourselves from any further harm, while we are supressing we are only hurting ourselves and those around us even more so, than if we just stop, fix what is wrong, so we can move forward with our lives, while we are supressing, we are also hiding in plain sight, to look normal to other’s that may cross our paths, but in reality, there are alot of us out there that do this hiding in plain sight, which does nothing but prove, just how broken this Society really is.

                             God created all of us and all that we see on this planet, he did so with a vision for all of us to co-exsist together as we walk this planet, he also tests us with the bad, so we can see just how good the good can be, just like when Satan tempted his Son Jesus, as he to walked this planet with us, as we walk our journies in our lives, sometimes our plans need to change, as these tests, need not to be bad as we think they are, so we can address them when they happen, learn why they happened, fix what is wrong and change what we need to change, so we then can keep moving forward, instead of keep going backwards, with the strength and confidence to overcome anything and everything that may appear in front of us as an obstacle.

                            God’s plan for all of us, is one of good, it is us that turn that good into a bad, with our actions and not wanting to change from our original plans, change when done correctly, is good for us all, as this makes us better, stronger, have more confidence to overcome anything in our paths, plus not only fixes ourselves, but it also fixes Society, so we can be happy throughout, which is what God envisioned, when he created this planet, that we walk everyday.


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