What’s in a Goverment shutdown

                            With all this chat on Obamacare and the threatening of Government shutting down, clearly shows that we have no true leaders, that are suppose to be leading the people of the United States.

                            You can clearly see that each member of the two parties are acting on their own interests, instead of the interests of the American people, we have a President that takes to the Media, to call out members of Congress and the Senate, excuse me for noticeing, but this method does nothing but create bitterness towards other’s, just like in our jobs, when someone is called out in front of other’s, that person will rebel, which wiil make the situation even worse, when you pull that person aside and discuss in detail, in a civilized manner, than that person will see your side and will then help to try to implement the precedings of whatever the subject is, this method also shows lack of leadership in a huge way.

                              Our fore Father’s, that worked very hard to build and make America the best and strongest Nation on this Planet, are turning in their graves, as they can’t believe how America has turned out and can’t believe that our so called leaders don’t know how to lead, our fore Father’s also showed us that when we work together in harmony, their is nothing we can not do, but like today, when everybody is against each other and are only acting in their own best interests, than everything we do becomes that much harder to achieve and only breeds more bitterness and hatred of each other.

                               You can clearly see, that it’s not just happening in America, if you listen to the World news, you can see that all the other Countries are struggling with poor leadership as well, we elect these so called leaders, cause they tell us what we want to hear, so they can get the votes, then once they are elected, they forget those words, only to act in the interests of themselves.

                               The time is now for the American people, to see right through the “Power Game” that those in Government have been accustomed to, so when the next election cycle comes around, we the People make a better imformed and smarter choice, so we can have people that actually work for the people of America, for the good of America, which will than lead us to a stronger Society, that is full of happiness and love and help get rid of all the hatred and bitterness we live in right now.



The end is not the end, it’s only a new beginning

                            We all in our lives go through times when things come to an end, but what we tend to take for granted, or even over look, is that it is not the ending of something, it is the start of a new beginning.

                             Sometimes when we walk our Journies of life, things don’t last like our materialistic toys, or our jobs and sometimes our comfy ways of life, we way too often take for granted all that we have and fear any thought of it ending, but unfortunately things do come to an end, but what is ending is really a new beginning in our lives.

                              This new beginning is really something in which we fear, what we fear the most is change, cause it is an unknown for us, change when done correctly is the best thing for us, it gives us a chance to start over and fix all that is wrong within ourselves, so we can be better and stronger and have the confidence to succeed in the future.

                               Change for some, is the most scariest thing in life, which makes us keep trying to continue, even though the ending is right in front of us, we tend to stay stuck in the status quo, to protect ourselves from further harm, this harm may have happened early in our lives, which  makes it a life event, that we try to forget and suppress, but it will be always with us, until we learn to end what we need to, so we then can start a new beginning, this change we need to make, let’s us not fear the good within that change, so we can than start the new beginning with confidence, as this will make our future better and stronger.

                              The ending is not really the ending, as it becomes the beginning, when we get over our fear of change, so we than can move on into the future, better and stronger with true happiness, the rest of our Journey through life.




Simplistic or materialistic

                            When God sent his only son, the Lord Jesus, to walk his journey, much like each of us walk our journies, he did so with only the clothes on his back, to show us, that we don’t need the materialistic things in our lives, as these are nothing but just to give us comfort and no more, when that day comes? yes we will all face the day when we will be dismissed from our journies we walk, we can’t take the material things with us, so all the anger, frustration and hatred we show toward each other over greed, really makes no sense, all the corporations that want us to buy their products, for big money, than turn around and hire us for peanuts, only shows how we have no middle class no more, it’s the poor and the wealthy.

                              All this was going on over 3,000 years ago and still goes on today, you would think we would of learned by now, that greed only breeds hatred and we will never be truely happy, even if we have all the materialistic things, so when Jesus came here with his simplistic ways and spreading love, I geuss we never really listened or paid attention to him, cause we were to caught up in the greed and trying to get all the power over our fellow Man.

                               We are all guilty in this Society, of wanting the big house, nice cars, a boat etc… We do this alot of times by stepping over anybody or anything that gets in our way, we also want power over anything we can as well, but unfortunately when we get all these things, we then wonder why we are even sadder than when we first started out this mission and are lonely with no one to share it with? Jesus proved that the greed and the power will defeat us eventually, as we will defeat ourselves trying to get it all, but if we just walk our journies in simplistic ways, spreading love from ourselves, towards all in which we meet and live life the right way, that God had envisioned for us, we will all be happy and spreading this happiness everywhere we go, then when that day comes to each of us and only God knows that day, we then will be ready with a smile, with no worries of our materialistic things.

                                Right now the Corporate World has all the power and money over all the people in this Society, they hire us for peanuts and charge us big money for their products, the best way to combat the corporate world, is for all of us to get back to our simplictic ways, not buy their products anymore, no matter how much they entice us, while doing this, we also need to show our love of one another, so when the corporate playing field becomes even, we than can live in a world of happiness, as our love of one another will become stronger and form a bond even stronger, which will help us on our journies, to lessan the hurdles we overcome daily.

                                  Simplistic is real and makes us appreciate everything we have, materialistic is fake and forces us to become something, or someone in which we are not, right now we are in a materialistic Society and we need to get back to a simplstic Society, so we can spread the love and be truely happy in our lives.


Owning up to our actions not trying to hide them

                            Most of us have heard the news of, an ex-football player, away from his home and finding out of teenagers partying and damageing within his home, his son made him aware of this, from live posts being made on social media, approximately $20,000 in damages have been done, since all this the ex-player wants justice to be served on these teens and wants them to own up to it, so he started a website, showing all the footage of the action of the teens, along with pixs of faces, with hopes of the teens owning up to their actions?

                             Since the websight has gone viral, the parents of the teens are threatening with a lawsuit, cause they say this will affect their childs chances of going to college? What about the ex-football player, is he supposed to just pay out of pocket for all the damage, just for a few teens who have no responsibility and show no cares for anything except having a good time? This is exactly what is wrong with our Society today.

                              We all have our issues, we all have our problems, it’s when we hide these issues and problems, that we bring further harm to ourselves and all those around us, if we only took care of our actions, instead of trying to hide them, then our futures would be alot happier, when we let our actions go unnoticed, we are only compounding our problems for a later date, taking care of our actions as they happen, shows that we are responsible and have empathy for those around us, when we try to hide our actions, all we are doing is shaming ourselves further, which does nothing but showing a feeling of low self worth or self esteem.

                             Self Esteem is inside all of us, it effects us all in many different ways, some may go into seclusion and do not want to be around anybody, other’s may show it in their actions, then try to hide it after the fact, to keep from feeling shamed and further hurt, but non the less Self Esteem is a very powerful feeling within all of us, that if we let it, it will control our lives and make us do things that we will regret later, which makes owning up to our actions and not trying to hide them, so very important for all of us to have high self esteem, stay in control of ourselves, so we all can live within Society with happiness and love.


Being aware and noticeing the little things

                           We in this Society, do not take the time to notice what is in front of our faces anymore, about two years ago, the show 20/20 did a story on the company FedEx, they wanted to know if people noticed the arrow in the word FedEx on all the trucks? A very high percentage said, they did not notice it, til it was brought to their attention? This shows that we in this Society, have become a Society of, only taking care of what other’s see in us, so we look perfect in the eyes of others, instead of trying to notice all that is around us, so we can try to live our lives the right way, noticeing all the little things that effect our lives in the present, so our lives moving forward, will bring us much happiness.

                              Some of us may be fortunate enough to live a healthy, long and good life, but the majority of us go through some issues with health and other live event issues, which unfortunatly, our lives are cut short? While we are here living our lives, it is only in our best interest to do it right, show much love of not just ourselves, but of other’s, also notice all the little things that are right in front of our faces, which eventually add up to big things, that sometimes bring us trouble throughout our lives and when we take care of the little things before they get bigger, this makes us happier and stronger throughout our entire life.

                               We as Individuals, are sometimes our own worst enemies, we put things off for another day, only to never face them anymore, so we can try to keep from being hurt, but unfortunatly we not only hurt ourselves by doing this, we hurt all those around us and this “Political Correct” Society of today, nobody ever tells us we are hurting them, all they do is alienate us, then make excuses why they never come around us anymore? Yes the truth hurts, but sometimes it needs to be said, so not only we can fix ourselves, but all other Individuals in this Society can be fixed as well, so we can be a Society of happiness and good, instead of a Society of bad and hatred.


As the Season of Fall approaches

 The season of fall is the most prettiest time of the year,

 with this season the days become much shorter,

 the days are still warm yet the nights become brisk,

 as the weather changes to cool winter is around the corner,

 with this season of fall the leaves on the tree’s get vibrant with color,

 its also the season where all the country fairs are open without further risk, 

 as the leaves turn colors and sparkle with the sunlight…it makes for a great picture,

 as we say bye to one season the next season approaches as we change our gear.




 God created the seasons for us to enjoy and except change,

 with the changeing of the seasons it brings us a different outlook,

 the bright colors of the fall shows us that even the leaves die in the cold,

 the branches become bare for the winter then reborn in the spring with new life,

 when the weather gets colder its a good time to stay in with thought to write our book,

 every season brings its beauty and with each change its as rich as gold,

 the seasons are our bread and butter that we learn to spread with a knife,

 as the seasons gives us change we learn to adjust and prearrange.


The Problems of our Society we live and share

                           We all have a common bond and that is the Society in which we live. We all also share the responsibility to keep ourselves healthy in our physical, as well as mental state of minds.

                            With that said, we have seen alot of senseless killings of innocent Men and Woman recently, with the latest in Washington DC, at the Navy yard, before that those poor family’s of SandyHook, losing their children so soon, from a senseless act, because of this “all about me” Society in which we now live, we are neglecting a small majority, that are “emotionally distraught”, who because they are too lazy to fix themselves, they go out and do these senseless acts, they also do these senseless acts, because they want to out due the other “emotionally distraught” individuals and become a “rockstar” for a short time, as the media gives them this, with all the news channels talking nothing but the senseless acts.

                              We as Individuals in this Society, have our own problems and have certain life events happen to us, but what happens more often than we want to believe, is that instead of truely fixing what is wrong with ourselves, we suppress our true feelings and emotions, to protect ourselves from further harm, so we don’t have to show that we have a weakness, we then bring these problems, sometimes in the sub-concious mind to our Society and when all of us do this, with all that walk this planet, we then end up with more senseless acts than what a Society can handle.

                                I get the fact that the News Media is out their to make a buck, but the buck they make is at all of our expense within this Society, the media and all facets of the media, have over stepped what their job was meant to be, by creating so much drama, that they have turned this Society into a huge drama Society, we have become so addicted to this drama, that we have forgotten what really makes this Society tick and what makes it tick is, us as individuals being healthy in physical and mentally within our own minds.

                                To fix this Society, is to fix ourselves, when we fix ourselves than Society will feed off of that and even the “emotionally distraught” Individuals will no longer become what they have become, while we are fixing ourselves, the hatred we all have inside us, will disappear and be replaced with Love, which is a huge component of a healthy Individual, within a healthy Society, we will still have our differences, but with Love our differences will go so much smoother and bring great happiness to ourselves and our Society, when we are happy with love, than we will have the confidence to be stronger in anything we do, as we walk our Journies of life together.