True Equality within our Society

                            In the eyes of our Lord God, true equality encompasses each and every one of us that walks this planet, regardless of who you are, just remember “who is first is last and who is last is first”.

                             With these words, is what God uses to show each of us, that in his eyes we are all equal, he shows no favorites, or does he show any kind of discrimination towards anybody or anything.

                             We in this Society, have distorted these words, by trying to put ourselves above all other’s, God does not look at where you are, as far as status in your community, he also don’t care how much money you have, or how successful you are in your carreer, greed is what is killing our humanity, as God tried to show us through his son Jesus, when he walked this Earth, with only the clothes on his back, for us to see the true meaning of the words, “who is first is last and who is last is first”, we all within this Society, need to change not only ourselves, but our ways in which we walk our Journey of life.

                             We in this Society are so very unique in our own way, but yet we are all truely equal within this Society as one, until we change and really understand those words, this Society will always be filled with hatred and a you against me mentality, which is a mentality that will never work, in a World so big.

                             All we have to do is stop, look around in our daily lives and we will see just what this Society has become, no matter where you go, all you see is other’s putting themselves above all, in the eyes of the Lord God, nobody is above anybody, not even God himself, God walks along with each of us and until we see this, this Society will never know true equality, or even true happiness, which then explains why we have so much hatred in our Society.

                             Happiness and Good will always win out in life, we just have to see it and live it, just like when Saten confronted and tempted Jesus, Jesus saw the good and happiness, then he lived it, so as to show us that it does work and we all can live and walk our journies as one, with true happiness and equality, all while remembering the words, “who is first is last and who is last is first”.


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