Being Spiritual while staying grounded

                            We are all on this Journey called life, there are many paths to this journey, of which none of them are the wrong one, just that some have many more hurdles and twists to overcome.

                              While walking our own journies, no matter which path we chose to take, we all have times of uncertainty, frustration, a feeling of being lost, why me, ect… During these times we tend to lean on God with prayer, we pray and pray, but he seems to be ignoring us? When you totally believe and have complete faith in God, he never ignores any of us, he does his work by sending us messages, it is up to us to see those messages, or we wiil become stagnent and forces us to lose this faith and believe, because we don’t see the messages.

                             God created this Earth with a plan, a plan that included all of us, we to have to work daily, to see his plan and his messages he sends us, sometimes these messages are right in front of us, we just have to slow down, take the time to reckcognize these messages, so we can move forward with strength and confidence, to accomplish all that may bring us trouble as we walk our journey.

                            God never speaks to us, but with true belief and faith in him, we can see these messages clearly, as if he was truely speaking to us, everything that goes on around us, or happens to us, has a purpose on our journey, we just have to keep the faith and truely believe, to see the messages of God, so we can achieve our goals, overcome the hurdles, straighten the twists, to become truely happy with ourselves, then with this true happiness, as God’s plan, we then share with all of the Society, so we can be a Society of one and not a Society of divided and hatred.


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