Judgement Day

                            We all make judgements in our everyday lives, some of these judgements affect other’s as some affect things in our lives, as we make these judgements, we do so in two ways, 1) we make a well informed judgement, or 2) we make a judgement that is ilinformed, like determining our judgement on one aspect and not the whole picture.

                             Either way, we make judgements everyday, sometimes we make them without even realizeing we did so, then we have to live with the consequenses.

                             A Judgement can be small and triviual, but more often than not, a judgement is something that not only affects ourselves, but those around us as well, which makes it even more so, that we need to dig deep and look at the big picture, before we cast our judgements.

                            Sometimes as life events happens to us, we tend to suppress as this forces us to hide all the pain, while we suppress we forget who we really are, than proceed to carry on in our lives, with this fake identity, then while this fake identity is present we make judgements that, not only hurt us further, but those around us as well, this is a cycle that is more common than we want to admit to, it is a cycle that if you did a study of each of us, we will find that, it effects a huge number of us, nobody wants to admit to our faults, as this shows weakness, we are taught to never show weakness, be strong and hide the tears, but what we are really doing is hiding our true selfs, which makes us hurt even more, as we make bad judgements that compounds all our issues .

                            Judgements are another factor in our Journey of life, that helps us be strong, be happy and live our lives in confidence, so when we come to any crossroads on our journey, we make the right turns, so our paths will always reward us with good, when we make bad judgements, then we make bad turns on our path, which leads us to, unhappiness, low self worth or feelings of weakness and no confidence in our abilities, to achieve anything we want.

                             Our Journey through life has alot to it, in order to do it right, some of us get lost with all life throws at us, some may find it easy and just move along without a worry, but no one gets away with making a bad judgement, cause we didn’t think it through before we made that judgement, some may confuse a judgement with a choice? There is a big difference between them, as a judgement is final and a choice is a decision you make at a certain time, which later you can change, if that choice turns out as a bad one.

                              A Judgement is a way we make final, our choices that we make on a daily basis, before we make these judgements we need to think through our decisions throurghly and really know what we are making a judgement on, as sometimes a judgement can not only hurt ourselves further, but also those around us as well.


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