In Today’s Society of job hunting/economy

                            In Today’s World and state of the economy, our Politicians will tell you that things are turning around for the better? Yet there are still Companies laying off?

                            Companies today are still unloading jobs, at the expense of the middle class, which are the ones who make this economy work for all, Companies are learning that they still can turn a profit with less payroll expense, this extra money is going somewhere? like padding the pockets of the Execs or maybe paying of some Politicians, so they can recieve some tax breaks?

                             All the ones on a layoff, are out there trying to jump through loops, to land their next career, but to the Corporations its all a big game, the Corporations are trying to find the right person/persons that will work for less money, while the people on layoff, are trying to find the right Corporation that will pay them more? While during the interview process, each of the parties say good to your face, then stab your back when you turn around, this is the way of the “Political Correction” era, it’s this same political correction that is killing our Society today.

                              People of today are afraid to say anything to anybody, for fear of offending other’s, instead we all get caught up in being overly nice face to face, then when your back is turned out comes the knife, these kind of people that do this, have a major problem themselves, it’s called “low self esteem”, this is something that effects us all, no matter how successful you think you are, if our ForeFather’s were like this, you think America would of turned out as the strongest and best Country on the planet? Our ForeFather’s worked very hard to get us to where we are today and were not afraid to tell other’s what they really thought of them, we the people of today are doing nothing but destroying everything they worked hard to build.

                             When you think about fixing our broken Society, we first need to look at fixing ourselves and burying this thing called “Political Correction”, never be afraid of learning or hearing the truth, as this is how we begin to fix what is wrong, when the truth is out there, then there is nothing more to hide from and we then can move forward with strength and confidence, then we can show more love of one another, as we walk our journies of life together, within a strong Society with less hate of each other.


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