Stir the pot instead of shaking the pot

                            Working as a Chef and creating a fine dish for the judges, the best sauce is stirred not shaken, as this makes your sauce so smooth, that it just slides over your dish with elegance.

                             With all these propoganda shows on Foxnews and CNN, they do nothing but shake the pot, as this creates havoc and hate of each other, cause you don’t see their side of the point, each show has a narrator that leads the discussion, then you have a panel, useally of at least two individuals, one on the right and one on the left, this is supposed to work as a casual discussion, but the narrator asks the question, then each one responds with their view, but when the other don’t like the view being made, they talk over that person in order for others to see only one side, all this does is bring out the hatred of each other, cause it only ends in argueing instead of a civil discussion.

                             When the Narrator asks a question of the panel, 99% of the time the question never gets answered, as the words of the question gets altered and they dance around the question, like a Fiddler on the roof, these type of shows are supposed to inform us of the truths, instead they do nothing but shake the pot and bring out all the hatred in our Society.

                             The Human aspect of “I am right and you are wrong”, is everything that is wrong with our Society and it is this mind set that needs to change, we all have our issues, but when we neglect ourselves and try to move forward as an incomplete, that is where the problems of our Society start, we need to step back, fix ourselves by stirring graciously, as opposed to shaking vigorously, in order to keep the contents smooth and keep them from being all messed up, when all is smooth we tend to love more, instead of all being shaken, which tends to breed hatred.

                             Being more in touch with our true self’s, will be great for our Society, as this will bring more love of one another, help ourselves be better and stronger with confidence, so we all will be more into just stirring the pot, as we all walk our journies of life, we can do so smoothly while spreading the love, instead of shaking the pot, being messed up and spreading the hatred, we go through this Journey once, so let’s do it the right way, so we all can be truly happy, without the pain and anger, that the hatred brings, which does nothing but shake the pot and turns each of us against each other, the smoother the sauce is, the happier for all involved, which is why stirring the pot, is better then shaking all day everyday, as we walk our Journey of life.


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