Steroids and other drugs are killing our Humanity

                            The use of all Drugs do nothing but alter our perceptions and judgements, the use of Steroids not only change our appearence, in the way we look outside, but changes our appearence on the inside as well, like going into fits of rage and not only hurting others, but hurting ourselves, the biggest thing steroids bring to our Society is, Hatred and with this we become a broken Society.

                             With all the news this past week, of an Icon’s son within the Boston sport’s scene, shows just what steriods does to the person and also shows that with this drug, it changes not only our bodies appearence, but our bodies mind for the worst, this drug should be destroyed totally, as it only breeds this hatred, that makes our Society broken.

                             You have Sport’s player’s of all sports, using this drug to get the edge on their fellow sports player’s, another words you have players that will cheat, instead of doing it the right way, only because they are lazy and do not want to put the real work in, so they opt for the easy way out, all these players that use this drug, need to be banned from their sport for lifetime, we need to send a drastic message and this message should be sent that, in no way shape or form, will the use of this drug be tolerated and you will be banned from ever playing, to show that it does not pay to cheat.

                             My Prayer’s go out to the Parent’s of this young girl, who lost her life because of this sensless rage attack, I also send my Prayer’s to Jerry Remy (remdawg) and his wife, so they to can make sense of this senseless rage attack, from the use of this killer drug of Steroids, that their son was addicted to, Steroids is a drug that not only alters our bodies appearence, but changes our minds in a negative and violent way, the use of this drug is sensless and should not be accepted by anybody.

                             When you look at how this Society became broken, you need to start with the use of these kind of drugs, people take these drugs cause they are looked at as cool, we need to change this mindset, so we look at any drug use as stupid and not acceptable, these drugs breed nothing but hatred, which we have way too much of in our Society, we need to clear our minds, let it work the way it is suppose to, so we can bring more love to our Society, which will fix this broken Society, it all starts with each and every one of us, as we fix ourselves, we not only make ourselves better and stronger with confidence, we also do the same within our Society.


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